Are You Ready To Commit?

byob.pngEvery individual’s lifelong dream is to be their own boss; and when the opportunity comes, our initial reaction is to grab it even without thinking of the consequences later on. There are some who experience being in a company for more than a decade and would like to quit their job and start a business with the hard-earned money they have saved up for. While others are living in a paycheck to paycheck basis but are willing to apply for a bank loan to change their route towards the entrepreneurship community. We can come up with several reasons why we would like to start a business of our own but the main question here is if we are ready to commit to a very much dynamic world than we are used to. We have this common notion that as long as we put our 100% effort, everything will work out fine. In some ways it is correct, but snap back to reality and think it over for a couple of times. Joining the business venture is not a no-brainer. It does not only involve your effort but it also involves several factors that will exhaust your intellectual, emotional and social abilities.

It is not just an ordinary decision that we make every day because if the time will come your business is not working; you can’t just give up and go back to your past endeavors. This decision, my friend will reflect on how you take things seriously as it will affect your entirety.

Being committed into something you would love to do is a satisfying feeling, but that does not mean you are not scared of what will happen in the near future; you have concerns and a certain fear of uncertainty. But who doesn’t? To help you have a clearer and bigger picture of what you are trying to put yourself into, here are two important points you need to ponder:

No more pointing fingers this time


I’m assuming that most of us have work experiences and one common scenario is when a given task was not approved, we didn’t take the blame; we pointed it out to other people. Oh for goodness gracious, do not reason out that you haven’t done it. Everybody has a fair share of trying to get away from a mistake; it may not be at your work place but it did happen.

This time eradicate that attitude because in venturing into business or being self-employed, no one is to blame but you. You made the decision, deal with it. Having a good sense of accountability will take you to success. It will definitely deliver constructive results and will be of help in forming positive habits.

Think Out of the Box


Earlier I did mention the fear of uncertainty and this is one of the major factors why most businesses fail in their first two years and there are some which already failed before starting it. Why? Because it is in our nature to be afraid to go out our comfort zone. We fear things we do not know, things which shut off our creativity and block what we are truly capable of. Do not restrict your mind in experimenting on things; that is what business all about. Look at how Steve Jobs expanded his company. Who could have thought of putting the functions of an mp3 player, a laptop and a phone in one?

I know you still have doubts and you’re a bit dazed, but this is just the beginning. In the next blogs (soon), you’ll be given that “needed push” to come up with a stronger and bolder decision later on. So, click on that Follow button to receive notifications from me. Thanks! 🙂 ❤


SHORT BLOG: #Respect

We are going to talk about respect and woman empowerment; how this is connected with your self-esteem. It mirrors your self-worth. If you have a clear understanding with self-esteem, you would have a brief overview why respect is connected with self-esteem.

When you value yourself and you love what you have, you gain confidence and have a sense of contentment. And when you do, you know how to respect yourself and the end result, you show respect to other people. You see, respect is not being forced, it is always being earned. You cannot ask people to respect you if they see or hear things opposite of what you want. People pay their respect towards you depending on how you treat others and how you present yourself; inside and out.

If you’ll look into all social media networks, posting your “selcas” or “selfies” is quite rampant. Let us take Facebook as an example, you see women posting pictures in their bikinis or overly exposed clothes but in their caption, you’ll see the statement “respect my post.” I mean, how can you respect a person with the way they dress? Plus their provocative facial expression.

This does not mean to judge or criticize the way you dress but come on, you know for a fact that you cannot control how other people react. So might as well apply the 90/10 rule. You can only control 10% of the whole situation, meaning you can only control what you have shared. So if you want to be respected, you have to always present yourself in a proper way. And please, do not even think of commenting that example of posting picture in a bikini is a form of art because it is not.

There are also instances that no matter properly mannered you are there are always certain individuals who will disrespect you. Instead of wasting your time in explaining or preaching them about respect, do not be bothered because karma will slap them in due time.

Be sincere and considerate to others are simple ways to show your respect. When giving out your opinions, feedback or standpoint, you have to always check the choice of words you use as some words could be threatening. It does not mean that you need not to voice out your thoughts; it’s just a matter of how you deliver your message.

And last but not the least, you have to remember to pay respect to yourself; not only your body but your totality as a person. Putting others before you is an example of altruism of selflessness; it is considered a kind and sincere act and people will take you in a different light. It is self-fulfilling to actually help others but doing this over and over damages your self-respect. It is not bad to be selfish at times because if people need help from others, you also need to help yourself as well. You cannot give respect if you cannot give it to yourself first.

I’d love to hear your thoughts regarding this matter, Lovelies. Drop a comment and let us start our Pinay Time! 🙂 ❤


Learn to Accept Yourself

Self-worth is as important as self-esteem as both are connected on how you value yourself and how well you act in response to other people; it very much influences your life. As an individual, you could never get away from all negativities that life may bring to your plate. It is just the matter on how you take things and deal with what you have.

I always believe that no matter how much you have, it will never satisfy yourself, primarily because of the never-ending changes our time gives us. Take your mobile phone as an example, you’ll save a couple of hundreds from your salary just to get the newest phone available in the market but once you purchased it, another one is introduced again with a larger variety of features and applications which could stir your tech cravings once again.

Same goes with your takings in life. Even if you have too much achievement under your belt, you seek more. Contentment is by far the most difficult to attain in any person’s life but you see, you have to be grateful and happy with what you have because others have lesser than you.

Being contented with yourself is the first part that you need to do. You have to assess yourself and list down all the qualities, talents and skills you think you have. Rate those qualities and traits from 1 to 5; you may also ask your friends what they know about you as a person. But do not rely mostly on what other people say because in order for you to be happy you need to value and love yourself first. You need to build your self-confidence.

No matter how good and skilled you are, if you do not know how to carry yourself in public, you’ll have the tendency to draw back and be shy. You are always positioned at the side; could never withstand a certain crowd. Confidence can also affect your decisions and choices; it also develops your convictions in several circumstances. 

In this article, I will provide you with 8 simple ways on how to value yourself. Here are the following:

  • Stop comparing yourself with other people. It is a given fact that all individuals are different from one another; you are unique (deal with it). Even if you have siblings or friends and you have common interests and personalities, you are still different in many ways as you have different approaches for your personal and social growth and development. Of course, as a human being, you have the propensity not to compare oneself to people with things (material or not) that you want but you do not have; it is practically normal. Did it make you happy? Did you gain something if you were to compare yourself with other individuals? No. So stop doing it.
  • Stop worrying about social acceptance. It is true that no man is an island, you are not a hermit. You need people in your life; people you meet every chapter of your life makes what and who you are today, regardless if they will cause you pain or happiness. You will still learn from them. But I must say that social acceptance is a very difficult one to deal with. In order for you to survive this game, you need to please some people and do things way over your boundaries or limitations, but if this is already habitual and it is already causing you too much burden, then stop. You have to know that even if you are too good to be true, there are still certain individuals who will not like you. And that is not your problem any longer. Just be yourself; if people set expectations or standards from you; it is not wrong to do them as no one will put expectations if they are not confident with your abilities. But do not make them as your focal point. You must be happy and passionate in anything you do. If people express their wants and needs from you, then you also have the right to do the same. Be honest with yourself and express what you think.
  • Your intrinsic value is more important than your extrinsic one. Sure, having a pleasing outer beauty can be of advantage in different situations (such as job application, academic aspects, etc.) but you have to remember that it is not the only factor that needs to be considered for people to judge and accept you. Most people would choose to build relationships with people who possess acceptable values and attitude rather than people who are pleasing outside but have a rotten attitude. This specific pointer I have to discuss with more details later on.
  • Give your best shot. Even if you have shortcomings or flaws, these do not make you a bad person. It makes you unique and different from other people and there is no one who does not have one. So in anything you do, you have to give your best. No one can draw your future but yourself; you have to bear in mind that the greatest battles are not those you have won but those battles you have fought hard. Also, do not rush; you have to have patience and be resourceful in order to go to the place you wanted to be. Despite of failure, if you exerted your best, you will not feel helpless.
  • Practice the value of giving and helping. Have you ever experience a situation where you helped a person in need and when that person appreciated your thoughtfulness, you felt happy? That is the purpose of practicing the act of giving and helping. The genuine act of giving or helping is not the reward you will get in return, but the appreciation and warmth you get from the people involved. Like in one of my experiences, even if my parents do not notice my good deeds nor compliment me, I still manage to help them in times of troubles (Got to blog about this later on as well).
  • Do not rush; instead live your life one step at a time. Did you watch Adam Sandler’s movie, Click? If you have, Michael Newman, Sandler’s character missed so many events in his life as he kept on fast forwarding episodes. In reality, of course, you cannot find a powerful remote control like in the movie but there are times that you wish a specific moment to be fast forwarded and just end it. Well, you have to do the exact opposite of it; you should not rush any moment you are in right now. You have to enjoy where you at because even a small detail can teach you in life.
  • Attain what you want to attain. Dreams are said to be just dreams (not goals) if you will not take actions to achieve it and those dreams are your purpose, which is why you are alive. Your purpose in life is what keeps you going. It acts as fuel which burns the fire within you and maintain your enthusiasm and hope.
  • Being unique is neither weird nor strange. You are gifted with a unique set of skills, talents and physical attributes. It may not look good for you but might be pleasing to others, vice versa. And there are also times where you tend to overlook what you have, simply because you are too busy comparing yourself with others. All you need to do is love what you have and share it to others (And yes, I’ll blog on this, so stay tune!).

If you beyond doubt value yourself, you will refrain yourself from doing things which can damage or harm your opportunities in having a balanced, joyous and healthy life. You have to start gaining your confidence, self-contentment and self-worth, and make them your precedence as you toil your way to be the best individual you can be.

What are your thoughts? Are these pointers helpful or did I miss something else? Drop a comment and lets share our ideas. Thanks for dropping by, Lovelies 🙂 ❤