Are You Ready To Commit?

byob.pngEvery individual’s lifelong dream is to be their own boss; and when the opportunity comes, our initial reaction is to grab it even without thinking of the consequences later on. There are some who experience being in a company for more than a decade and would like to quit their job and start a business with the hard-earned money they have saved up for. While others are living in a paycheck to paycheck basis but are willing to apply for a bank loan to change their route towards the entrepreneurship community. We can come up with several reasons why we would like to start a business of our own but the main question here is if we are ready to commit to a very much dynamic world than we are used to. We have this common notion that as long as we put our 100% effort, everything will work out fine. In some ways it is correct, but snap back to reality and think it over for a couple of times. Joining the business venture is not a no-brainer. It does not only involve your effort but it also involves several factors that will exhaust your intellectual, emotional and social abilities.

It is not just an ordinary decision that we make every day because if the time will come your business is not working; you can’t just give up and go back to your past endeavors. This decision, my friend will reflect on how you take things seriously as it will affect your entirety.

Being committed into something you would love to do is a satisfying feeling, but that does not mean you are not scared of what will happen in the near future; you have concerns and a certain fear of uncertainty. But who doesn’t? To help you have a clearer and bigger picture of what you are trying to put yourself into, here are two important points you need to ponder:

No more pointing fingers this time


I’m assuming that most of us have work experiences and one common scenario is when a given task was not approved, we didn’t take the blame; we pointed it out to other people. Oh for goodness gracious, do not reason out that you haven’t done it. Everybody has a fair share of trying to get away from a mistake; it may not be at your work place but it did happen.

This time eradicate that attitude because in venturing into business or being self-employed, no one is to blame but you. You made the decision, deal with it. Having a good sense of accountability will take you to success. It will definitely deliver constructive results and will be of help in forming positive habits.

Think Out of the Box


Earlier I did mention the fear of uncertainty and this is one of the major factors why most businesses fail in their first two years and there are some which already failed before starting it. Why? Because it is in our nature to be afraid to go out our comfort zone. We fear things we do not know, things which shut off our creativity and block what we are truly capable of. Do not restrict your mind in experimenting on things; that is what business all about. Look at how Steve Jobs expanded his company. Who could have thought of putting the functions of an mp3 player, a laptop and a phone in one?

I know you still have doubts and you’re a bit dazed, but this is just the beginning. In the next blogs (soon), you’ll be given that “needed push” to come up with a stronger and bolder decision later on. So, click on that Follow button to receive notifications from me. Thanks! 🙂 ❤


Simple yet Innovative Ways to De-clutter Your Abode

Minimal home decors and neutral colors are more appealing to the eyes rather than those homes with a lot of shelves, chairs or home accessories as it eat up a lot of space and it becomes suffocating. When you check out magazines about home styling, you’ll realize that simple styles and designs are timeless and applying this to your own home will help you out in de-cluttering your life.

People think that owning too many stuff is beneficial but the sad true is – it is NOT. There are more benefits of owning less stuff such as: fewer things to clean, you can find or search for your stuff easily and you can save a lot of money. To a few number of individuals, de-cluttering your own personal space is easier, however, when you are a self-confessed “hoarder,” this is going to be a tough time for you.

Hoarder is a person who loves to amass different things, regardless if it has a sentimental value or not, and has a difficult time in throwing them away. I will have to agree with you that this section will be a tough one for you. But no need to worry as the steps mentioned here will be in general. You do not have to decide abruptly, just take your time to read and understand the reasons behind you need to throw away other things and why you need to keep some.

You may ask yourself why? The answer is just simple. In de-cluttering your life as a whole, you should start with yourself and with your own personal space – that is, your home. Your home is a reflection of yourself; it justifies your personality and how you deal with things. So below are the 10 steps you need to consider:

Step One: The five rock-hard-minute rule. You need to take 5 minutes of your time in picturing the space you want to de-clutter first. This will lend a hand in judging what needs to be thrown away and what needs to stay. It also organizes your thoughts and coming up with a plan in a breeze.

Step Two: 365-Day Item Giving. This step is actually very insightful for hoarders. You have to remember that you do not have to be in a rush towards the way you value things; take one step at a time and do this challenge. In one year, each day you have to pick an item you need to give away; it could be as huge as an extra chair you do not use or small as a candle piece. It may seem a long process for non-hoarders but if you’ll look into a bigger perspective it has a massive transformation in return.

Step Three: One black trash bag could make a difference. Just get a trash bag and fill it with things or stuff you most likely do not need. If some of the things you put inside the trash bag can be of use, then donate it to charitable institutions. You do not only clear your own abode but you could help others at the same time.

Step Four: The ever famous Closet Hanger Try-Out. This is done by most people who single-handedly took the challenge of de-cluttering their life; but it was Oprah Winfrey who made it famous. To locate your clothing pieces which needs to be cleared out, you must hang each and every clothes you possessed (you need a lot of hangers for this trick).

Make sure you hang them in a reverse way and then after wearing each clothe, you have to return them inside your closet with hanger facing right or correct way. In the course of five to six months, you will have a clearer view of which wardrobe pieces you can thrust aside without any trouble. The closet hanger try-out or experiment could also be useful other cluttered areas around the house such as playroom, tools, linens and so forth.

Step Five: Jot a list. If the five rock-hard-minute challenge will not do the trick, then you can jot down a list of areas inside the house that need to be de-cluttered first. It would be better if you’ll start with the easiest area to de-clutter as those difficult areas will take a lot of time to organize. It may sound dull and boring in just doing a list, so here’s what you need to do next.

After finishing one area, you need to stop for the day. Look at the area you finished and the areas which are not and spot the difference. You’ll feel relax and more comfortable looking at a well-organized and simplified area than a messy one.

Step Six: The 12/12/12 Dare. You have to pick 12 things that you need to throw away, another set of 12 things you are willing to donate and a last set of 12 things you need to return to their right owner or find an owner. Imagine, in doing this challenge, it will fix 36 items in one go.

Step Seven: Put up a garage sale. You see not all items you could find inside your house are trash, sometimes, you just have too many stuff that you tend to forget you have those all along. So when you start all the steps mentioned above and if you are on a tight budget, you could put up a mini garage sale to sell the collected items.

If you do not have an extra time to put up a garage sale, then no need to worry. There are store or depot owners who buy second-hand items for cheaper price. Don’t dare to complain if they buy your items half of the original price, you should be grateful instead.

Step Eight: Play with numbers. Some people suggest practicing the Project333, where you only allowed wearing 33 wardrobe pieces in the span of 3 months. With this project, it helped them choose the clothing items they do not really need. You may also follow the same project but don’t just settle with that. Be creative and invent a project of your own and practice it in your everyday living. The vital point of playing with numbers is to face up with life and live with fewer things; and view your learnings from the challenge.

Step Nine: Be creative and imaginative. Humans are sentimental in nature. We value the things we have especially those items that were given as a gift or reward by the people who are closed to our hearts. Most hoarders feel the same way but in an excessive manner. Therefore, if giving or throwing away any item is a hurdle for you, then be creative and imaginative on how you need to live with less material things in life.

For example, you value all the shoe boxes even if the actual shoes are already worn out, then create them as storage boxes by designing the box. There are a lot of websites which could help you out with DIY (Do it Yourself) stuff. Check out Pinterest or Facebook pages to get some ideas of your own.

Step Ten: Four-box Approach. This is the most common and generic method you could use in your expedition to minimalism. All you need is to get four boxes and label them as: junk, give away, stay and reposition. Put all as in everything in the boxes (where you think it belongs); this may take few hours or even days or weeks, however, it will still help you in de-cluttering your home.

You could use two or three steps at the same time; it is all up to you but remember that de-cluttering your own home is a big step in de-cluttering you whole life. 🙂 ❤


SHORT BLOG: Don’t procrastinate – get things done!

Procrastinate is defined as delaying or postponing something. Most of the time, people I know procrastinate their task. Some experts say that it is a “delaying tactic or strategy of individuals.” They delay their task to avoid getting another task from their superiors or whatnot.

People also procrastinate to avoid risk. Psychologists say that our brain likes it when we do not take risks as it doesn’t make us defenseless and out in the open. Believe it or not, other slack off because they fear success. Success means change, something different from the usual – a person’s growth. When a person is growing, responsibilities add up and obstacles are more complicated.

If you ask people, procrastination is better because it feels good and it is a lot fun. But it is just a temporary and immediate relief. Why not set yourself for a long-term happiness? So instead of procrastinating, get up and get started! How? By following these simple tips:

Create a Dreamboard


Think of the things you’re dreaming of. It doesn’t matter if it’s a house, a car, a partner – Your choice. Usually, I suggest making a list but it’s too dull to motivate you and act now. Isn’t it nice to picture your dreams in a colorful and presentable way? So, after thinking of your dreams, gather some old magazines, print outs, pictures, pens, glue sticks and a board.

Represent each dream with a picture and start designing your “dreamboard.” Once you’re finished, hang it on your bedroom wall. Make sure to hang it where you can easily see it every day.

This is a technique to get you motivated.

Pamper Yourself


Since you are self-medicating from procrastination, it’s not bad to pamper and reward yourself every time you achieve something. Gather the things that need to be done, the moment you finish one task or goal, check it and reward yourself for doing a great job. Rewards can be big or small, depends on how important the task is and of course, your budget.

Put Gossip into Good Use

procrastinate2.pngWe just stated earlier that we tend to procrastinate because we avoid risks. So why don’t you make one? Think of the people you respect and love the most. Tell each one of them the details of your project – why you’re doing it, how important this is to you and so on. Took the risk? Checked! Now if you fail, every individual involved will know. The point here is, you need to put that fear of risking to good use.

Embrace the Most Permanent Thing in the World

procrastinate3.pngWhen you experience a heart break, most of your friends will tell you that in order for you to move one; you need to embrace the pain. Same goes with procrastination. You need to embrace what causes you to drag your feet – Change. Ask yourself this, “Why do you fear success if you didn’t even try?” You have to understand that success cannot be measured. You’ll just have to know how to deal with it once you get there.

Procrastination could lead to a more serious problem, so write down all the tips given and start doing it, RIGHT NOW. Do you have any tips you’d like to share? Drop a comment and lets share them with each other. I’m not getting tired of thanking y’all, Lovelies. Thanks for sharing Pinay Time with me. 🙂 ❤


Organic Beauty Recipes for the Face


Most of us have very sensitive skin which easily reacts with cosmetic products that we can find in our local department store. If these products are not compatible with your skin type, it will irritate your skin and worst, you’ll experience acne problems. To prevent this from happening, we can take care of our face and put on make-up in an inexpensive and organic way. I have prepared some recipes for you, Lovelies!

Banana Facial Mask – Bananas have a certain component that can lift your facial skin and moisturize it. Here’s how:

  1. Mash a medium-sized banana and gently apply it to your face and neck. Leave it for 20 minutes then rinse with cold water. Or,
  2. Mix ¼ cup plain yogurt, medium-sized banana and 2 tablespoons of honey together. Apply to your face and neck. Leave it for 20-30 minutes then rinse with cold water.


Chamomile Facial Cleanser – Chamomile Tea has great healing properties, rich in anti-oxidants and has moisturizing effects. It is also believed as all-natural skin bleach. Here’s a recipe:

Ingredients to use:

  • ¼ cup organic chamomile tea
  • ¼ cup liquid castile soap
  • 8 drops of essential oils (your choice)
  • ¾ tsp grape seed, sweet almond seed, hazelnut, avocado or olive oil
  • Several drops of vitamin E (recommended, but you have the option of not using it)


Brew the chamomile tea. While brewing, mix all the remaining ingredients in a small bowl and add the brewed chamomile tea once it cooled down. Make sure all ingredients are mixed well, and then put it in a pump bottle. This mixture can make up to 4 ounces.

Different Variations for Facial Cleanser: 

  • For OILY skin: use tea tree, bergamot, lemon grass or geranium essential oils.
  • For MATURE skin: lavender, jasmine, geranium, neroli essential oils.
  • For DRY skin: sandal wood, lavender, chamomile or rosehip essential oils.


Face Foundation:

Ingredients to use:

  • Arrowroot powder
  • Use one or combination of the following: cocoa powder, ground powder or nutmeg
  • Almond, Olive or Jojoba oil (this is optional)


For dark skin, use 1 tsp and 1 tbsp for light skin. Add one or any combination of the cocoa powder, ground powder or nutmeg until you reach the tone you want. If you want a compact powder, start with 5 drops of any of the oil listed above. Keep adding until you reach the texture you desire.



Ingredients to use:

  • Very fine beet powder
  • Arrowroot powder
  • Ground ginger
  • Ground nutmeg
  • Any type of essential oil you prefer


Use 2 tbsp of beet powder as your base and add 1 tbsp of arrowroot powder. You make want to add more depending on the desired color. Remember to start in fewer amounts. To add shimmer effect on your home-made blush, put nutmeg or ginger powder. For darker blush, use nutmeg and for lighter blush, use ginger. Mix all the dry ingredients until it is well-blended. After which, add 3-5 drops of the desired essential oil.

Simple and not-so-expensive ways to beautify yourself, Lovelies! Go and give it a try. Thanks for sharing another Pinay Time with me, Drunken Cheeks. 🙂 ❤


SHORT BLOG: Natural Hair Product

Most hair products being advertised today contain “Sodium Lauryl Sulphate,” which is an active ingredient of detergent; so imagine yourself using those products same as using Tide or any detergent powder available. In addition to that, there are several types of hair products (such as hair spa treatment, hair dye, conditioner, hair moisturizer) with just a single-functionality; thus, if you have a few hair problems, you might need to use 2 to 3 products out of the many. With regards to natural hair products, they are not only safe to use but most ingredients are multiple functionality. Take coconut oil for example, it does not only help thicken your hair but also moisturizes it, giving a lustrous look. Last but not least, most natural ingredients can be mixed altogether without damaging your hair. Unlike with synthetic products, you cannot mix them together as they might damage your hair or worst, it can cause baldness and burnt scalp.

So Lovelies, I’ve included a home-made recipe you can easily prepare. Here it is:

Ingredients to use:

1 cup of water (distilled)
½ cup of Castile soap (in liquid form)
3-4 teaspoonfuls of Avocado oil
¼ teaspoon each of these essential oils: peppermint and tea tree
1 ½ teaspoons of Vegetable Glycerin
15 drops of another pure essential oil (your pick)


Pour all ingredients in one container or bottle and shake the mixture properly; and you are done. Make sure to shake the bottle before every use. Massage the recipe in your scalp for two to three minutes and rinse thoroughly.

In choosing an Essential Oil, make sure you have the proper guidelines or I might post an article regarding the basic things you need to know such ass…(oops, I meant as!), what is the most effective, skin reaction, etc. If you have another recipe you’d like to share, please drop a comment or drop a link of your blog. Thanks for sharing another Pinay Time with me, Lovelies! 🙂 ❤



Essential Oils for Children: Is it safe?


All parents want the best for their children; sumptuous food, good education and healthy body to experience life to the fullest. The difficult thing parents’ encounter is to make the best decision to attain these goals and keeping their children out of sickness is a priority to them. In deciding what essential oils can be used to their children is not an exemption as well. I’m guessing, we already have an idea what essential oils are. Regardless of the brand or eminence of the essential oil, they are tremendously concentrated mixtures of different chemical components and have the need of awareness in utilizing them. In this blog, we are going to gain knowledge on how to use essential oil with infants and toddlers in a safety manner.

Essential Oils that are Safe for Topical Use on Infants, 3 months of age

Most researches about essential oils inform parents not to utilize essential oils on infants who are less than three months of age. The sole reason is that infant’s skin at this age is immature yet; for that reason, it is more penetrable and susceptible to essential oils. Newborns or infants are not as tolerable as adults in dealing with adverse effects of essential oils. The maximum suggested quantity of essential oils to be used on infants topically is one to two drops for every ounce of carrier oil.

These are the five most recommended essential oils use topically for infants:

  • Roman Chamomile or Anthemis nobilis
  • German Chamomile or Matricaria rectutita
  • Blue Yarrow or Achillea millefolium
  • Dill or Anthum graveolens
  • Lavender or Lavendula angustifolia


Essential Oils that are Safe for Topical Use on Infants, 6 months of age

The maximum suggested quantity of essential oils to be used on infants six months of age is three to five drops for every ounce of carrier oil. Here are some of the essential oils that can be used:

  • Bergamot or Citrus bergamia
  • Carrot Seed or Daucus carota
  • Cinnamon Leaf or Cinnamomum verum
  • Atlas Cedarwood or Cedrus atlantica
  • Virgina Cedarwood or Juniperus virginiana
  • Cedarwood or Cedrus deodora
  • Coriander or Coriandrum sativum
  • Fir Needle or Abies sibirica
  • Citronella or Cymbopogon nardus
  • Mandarin or Citrus reticulate
  • Geranium or Pelargonium graveolens
  • Helichrysum or Helichrysum angustifolium
  • Neroli or Citrus Aurantium
  • Grapefruit or Citrus paradise
  • Ravensara or Raensara aromatic
  • Palma Rosa or Cymbopogon martini
  • Sandalwood or Santalum spicatum
  • Tea Tree or Melaleuca alternifolia
  • Rose Otto or Rosa damascena
  • Sweet Orange or Citrus sinensis


Essential Oils that are Safe for Topical Use  on Children, 2 years of age

The maximum suggested quantity of essential oils to be used on children two years of age is twenty drops for every ounce of carrier oil. Check the list of essential oils below:

  • Basil, Lemon or Ociumum x citriodorum
  • Basil, Sweet or Ocimum basilicum
  • Black Pepper or Piper nigrum
  • Cassia or Cinnamomum cassia
  • Clary Sage or Salvia sclareao
  • Copaiba Basalm or Copaifera officinalis
  • Frankincense or Boswellia carterii
  • Garlic or Allium sativum
  • Ginger or Zingiber officinale
  • Hyssop or Hyssopus officinalis
  • Juniper Berry or Juniperus communis
  • Melissa or Lemon Balm or Melissa officinalis
  • Myrrh or Commiphora myrrha
  • Sweet Marjoram or Marjorana hortensis
  • Patchouli or Pogostemon cablin
  • Tumeric or Cucuma longa
  • Vetiver or Vetiveria zizanoides
  • Valarian or Valeriana officinalis
  • Ylang Ylang or Cananga odorata


 Essential Oils that are Safe for Topical Use on Children, 6 years of age

The maximum suggested quantity of essential oils to be used on children six years of age is thirty drops for every ounce of carrier oil. Here are some of the essential oils that can be used:

  • Anise/Aniseed or Pimpinella anisum
  • Anise, Star or Illicium verum
  • Cardamom or Elettaria cardamomum
  • Fennel, sweet and bitter or Foeniculum vulgare
  • Spanish Marjoram or Thymus mastichina
  • Niaouli or Cineole chemotype
  • Nutmeg or Myristica fragrans
  • Peppermint or Mentha x piperita


Essential Oils that are Safe for Topical Use on Children, 10 years of age

From this age, almost all of the essential oils can be administered safely to your toddlers. However, peppermint, rosemary and all different types of eucalyptus are still not advisable to be used in children as these essential oils consist of Menthol and Cineol. Menthol and Cineol invigorates cold-receptor in a toddler’s lungs, thus, activate s a reaction in toddlers that stalls breathing radically.


Things to remember in using essential oils to your children:

  • Do your research. There are a lot of blogs online and even books which can help you understand the usage of essential oils to your kids. It could be tedious to do all the research and reading however your kids’ security and safety is at stake.
  • Seek professional help. If you have done your own study about essential oils and still in doubt if it is alright to use it. You can ask for assistance from different professional aroma therapist or doctors. Always weigh your options.
  • Use the correct dosage and/ or dilution. It is very important to always check on the proper dosage before using it to your children. Even an excess drop of essential oil can have unwanted effects to your kids. Make sure to follow the exact procedure in administering an essential oil.
  • Introduce one essential at a time. Infants and toddlers have more sensitive and delicate skin than adults, so make sure to use one essential oil at a time. Do NOT use 2 or more of these oils in a day as a skin reaction can take place within 15-30 minutes from the time you have used it to your babies.
  • Oral Usage is a No No. Ingestion of essential oils to children is ALWAYS prohibited. There are severe and critical effects that may damage your kid’s internal organs.
  • Do NOT forget about the Latin Name. In searching for the proper essential oil to be used for your kids. Do NOT omit the Latin name of the oil as not to confuse yourself with the other essential oils. For example, Lavender has different types and not all are recommended to be used for children.


These are only basic guidelines that can assist you if you want to join the trend of essential oil practice. Parents, be smart and safe enough. I’d love to hear your suggestion and opinion about using Essential Oils to your children, so please drop a comment below and lets discuss our points. Thank you, Lovelies for joining Pinay Time with yours truly — The Drunken Cheeks 🙂 ❤


Bizarre Beauty Tips: Holy S***!

I do believe everyone are already enlightened about the definition of beauty, the different takes about it and physical attractiveness in general. In addition to this, we are provided with basic and general knowledge about the innovations of cosmetic products over the years and some of the unusual, strange (maybe odd?) beauty products existed to mankind. So today, I’m going to list down some bizarre beauty tips that will aid you guys in enhancing and improving your natural awesomeness.

Honey Facial Wash

Honey has a natural soothing and anti-inflammatory components; and it is proven as one of THE bestest organic or natural products anyone could use to wash one’s face. Not only as a facial wash, you could use it as an alternative alcoholic-free make-up remover. To make it more beneficial, you could use this without any stripping! A spoonful is enough to wash your face, massage it in a circular motion then rinse it with water, just remember to use a warm towel afterwards.

Chapstick as cuticle conditioner

You think chapstick can only be used for your lips? Well, it was proven by many licensed esthetician that chapstick can also hydrate your cuticles just like what it does to your cracked or peeled lips. Just apply it to your cuticles, same thing you do with your normal or regular cuticle conditioner.

Grounded coffee can be used as body scrub

There are two ways which you can use grounded coffee as your personal body scrub. But before providing you with those options, let me give you a quick round up about coffee. Components of coffee, including caffeine, also has anti-inflammation properties and some of these components act as protection from direct sunlight, in other term, coffee serves as a good sunscreen agent.

Your first option is mix a spoonful of grounded coffee with your regular body and use as usual. The other option is prepare ¼ to ½ cup of grounded coffee, after rinsing your whole body use the prepared grounded coffee and scrub it against your skin, let it set in your body for 2 minutes then do your normal washing.

Jell-o as lip color

Another great alternative for your regular lip stain is by using Jell-o. Who said that Jell-o is just for kids? Some famous and well-known celebrity make-up artists actually use Jell-o as lip color. All you have to do is prepare your Jell-o powder (color of your choice) and dampen a cotton swab with water. Apply it into your lips and make sure not to use your hands because Jell-o might stay for awhile even after washing. A benefit of using Jell-o as your lip stain is that it does not dry out those lips of yours unlike ordinary long-lasting lipsticks you see in stores.

Apple Cider can prevent bloated mess

Have you ever experienced waking up one morning with a bloated face? This usually happens when you eat late at night (especially if the food you eat is noodles!). Now, to get away from that bloated mess, before sleeping combine one spoonful of apple cider with water (must be 5 ounces). The apple cider vinegar’s different enzymes can keep the production of gastric juices in a slow pace and it also maintain right digestion; all that in just 30 minutes.

Beer as hair “volumizer”

There are days that you want to add volume to your flat hair and you don’t have to resort in using chemical-based products as it may just damage your hair in the long run. Just save a stout and pour half of it into a bottle spray. Spray it to your hair; start at the roots down to the ends. You may be wondering why you have to use beer as an alternative product; well, beer contains yeast which is a best agent to make your hair thick and puffy.

The never-ending benefits of Chamomile Tea

There are actually several benefits of Chamomile Tea and for women; this is actually the most beneficial of all. We say that a woman’s crowning glory is the hair and this is a fact. With so many man-made hair products being advertised today, a regular person is believed to use 5-8 of these in a month. So imagine those chemicals into your hair, it only gives you band-aid solutions to your hair problems. Instead of using these products, why not try what is already available in your kitchen? You see, chamomile tea is made from a certain flower which contains soft bleaching effect.

To bleach your hair with chamomile tea, all you got to do is make yourself a cup of chamomile tea (the normal procedure you do when you want some tea time). Rinse your hair with the chamomile tea slowly and let it sit for 15-20 minutes; and then rinse it with water. You have to repeat the steps for up to seven times to augment the effects you want.

The secret of diaper rash lotion or cream

Of course, most mommies use anti-rash cream to their babies before of too much diaper use; however, this cream or lotion can actually help you repair those cracked feet and elbows. It hydrates the skin because of its moisturizing effect and anti-inflammatory agents.

Clean Wrap or Dryer Sheet

Do you have problems with hair static? Then you do not have to worry about it any longer as you can use clean wrap or an unused dryer sheet. This wrap can smooth out or tame those flyaways. It may be a temporary solution but you can bring some sheets on the go.

Black Tea: A solution to sunburn

During summer, there are days that you tend to forget to apply sun block or sunscreen lotion and this will cause you to have sunburn which is very irritating and painful at times. Some medications for sunburn are expensive especially if you have sensitive skin. Might as well use a black tea during your shower time; make sure to get a warm bath with black tea. Black teas have tannins (tannic acid) which remove the stinging effect and swelling caused by sunburn.

Lemon juice as a natural hair color

It was stated above that Chamomile tea can lighten your hair; same goes with lemon juice. Just apply lemon juice from roots to the ends of your hair before going out. The acid from the lemon juice reacts with the sun’s ultraviolet rays which then catalyzes the lightening process.

Olive Oil to your hair

If you want to grow your hair faster, you can use Olive oil to it. Not only it can help your hair grow faster but it can also help condition your hair. Put an enough amount of Olive oil into your hair (from roots to the ends of your hair) and leave it for 10 to 15 minutes.

Olive oil adds up nutrients and good fats to your hair roots, making your hair silkier than ever.

Another hair growing product – Tabasco Sauce

Your Tabasco sauce or red hot pepper sauce in your kitchen will also help your hair grow. The main ingredient of this sauce is Cayenne Peppers; which has been utilized as part of home remedies for ages. Cayenne Peppers enhance the blood circulation or flow to your scalp by ingesting orally or simply applying it to your hair root.

Toothpaste is not only for your teeth but also for your pimple problems

If you have pimples, you may apply your regular toothpaste overnight. Pimple removal will be easier by applying toothpaste as it has drying effects but you have to bear in mind that you can just use regular white toothpaste as a remedy. Do not plan in using those colorful gels or what not. Note that this is also a temporary treatment for your pimples.

Hemorrhoid creams for eyes?

Yes you read it right. Some doctors or even mothers use hemorrhoid balm under those eyes to reduce the puffiness. Since most hemorrhoid balms have anti-inflammatory properties, it reduces them in size.

Loose powder to your hair roots

There are days when you have so many errands and due to hot weather your hair becomes greasy and oily. A quick fix for this problem is just simple; get your kabuki brush and some loose powder (I assume these things are always in your bag everyday); and then start dusting it over the roots of your hair. Always remove the excess powder in your brush before doing it as you do not want some white particles visible in your hair.

Avocado: Your natural skin moisturizer

Because of the soothing and natural moisturizing effects of this fruit, just peel a ripe avocado and remove the seed at the center and mash it into a bowl. During your shower, put the mashed avocado into your skin and leave it for 30 minutes; and then you have to rinse it off with water. You will feel the effect as your skin will be softer.

Super Glue: A quick fix in times of nail troubles

In any situation where you are polishing your nails hours before attending a party and suddenly your nail cracks, you don’t have to break it off and re-do your nails. All you have to do is get super glue and glue your cracked nail and cover it with a nice nail color; and then make use of a matte or colorless polish to finish the effect.

Chill your eyeliner pencils

There are instances where some of your favorite eyeliner pencils deteriorate and smudge on the eyelids. Do not throw them away, instead put them inside your chiller or freezer for 10 to 15 minutes before using them. This helps solidify the tip of your eyeliners.

Hairspray to your eyebrows

Nowadays, there are cosmetic products that are use only for your eyebrows and if you are just an amateur make-up enthusiast and do not have one, make use of your hair spray. Just put some hair spray to a toothbrush or your regular eyebrow brush and tame those unruly eyebrows.

Conditioner as your temporary shaving cream

If you are already taking a bath and run out of your shaving cream, use your personal hair conditioner and shave those unwanted hair from legs or underarms. Hair conditioner is better use than soap as it has more conditioning or moisturizing effect which will lead to softer skin as well.

Facial Scrub to your armpits

It is believed that your facial skin is one of the most sensitive parts of your body. Any products use it your face can be use in the other human parts (but not the area down there, if you know what I mean). To exfoliate your underarms and prevent it from having chicken skin due to shaving, make use of your own facial scrub.

Spoon: Another way to get rid of those puffy eyes

You know very well that cucumber and potato can be used in removing puffiness from your eyes but if you are in a very tight-budget or if cucumber or potato is not readily available; then use your own spoon. Just put the spoon inside the fridge for 3 to 7 minutes and if you feel it is cold enough, cover your eyes with it. It will definitely help minimize the swelling of your eyes.

Beach Sand is an environmental-friendly body scrub

If you are in a vacation to a nice beach resort, make us of the environment to beautify your skin. Dip into the beach and get some sand; and start rubbing it against your skin to scrub off those dead skin cells. You are not just getting a nice tan but you are actually exfoliating your skin and that’s a healthy and environmental-friendly course to do it.

Strawberries: An alternative teeth whitener

Strawberries are not only for eating as it can also be a natural substitute to whiten those teeth of yours. All you got to do is get a strawberry; you could mash it up or just bite the tip of it and rub it to your teeth. Do this simple routine for a couple of times and you will without doubt spot the difference.


There are few of these tips that I have tried and I must say it worked and they were far more affordable than the usual stuff I’ve used. Go and give it a try, lovelies! If you have any odd or the not-so-ordinary- beauty tips you would like to share, please leave a comment below. Thanks for another Pinay Time with moi. ❤


Interior Design 101: Think Big. Spend Little.

I am not an interior designer by profession but I’ve been keeping interest with designs, styles and different fusions. Growing up in a home full of Architectural Digest magazines might be the reason. Funny things is, not my mom’s but my dad’s. He didn’t miss a single month’s issue until few years ago; he switched to Real Living.

I had this equation: Money + More Money = Beautiful Home. As I flipped pages from Real Living, my equation starts to wane. RL provides an article that suits your budget, whether it is eight or five G’s. Moreover, it features ways to keep renovation costs down and several saving ideas. Like this is a total package. On the other hand, most people emulate what they see. Say hello to Imitation.

At most we say imitation is appalling as it lacks originality, I begged to disagree on this. As Mason Cooley, a well-known professor for his witty aphorisms said, “Art begins in imitation and ends in innovation.” It has to start on something. Like for social media networks, we only knew Friendster, then MySpace, Multiply, Facebook and now Twitter. Then, what is good about imitation?

Imitation triggers creative thinking. The minute our right-brain thinker works, ideas are starting to form.

You see, creativity plays an important role in the context as it develops innovation. Innovation for that matter will only be visible if you put it into action. Sounds confusing? Try to put it this way:


So much for an introduction huh? Anyway, I only have 3 Ways of Designing in a cheaper way. I called them the:

Triple R’s:

Remove. Remove the unnecessary stuff you have. Being sentimental is way too different from being a hoarder. If you think dried flowers your ex-boyfriend gave you are memories, and such a waste to throw them, and then go to the next one.

Recycle. There is a bunch of ways to recycle dried flowers. An example of which is get a bottle. It doesn’t matter what shape or size it is. Clean it and decorate it with the dried flowers you have. (See picture below. Credits to Pat Mcauley from Pinterest)


Let’s accept the fact that some canisters or storage bins are quite pricey. As an alternative, gather those sturdy shoe boxes you have. Wrap them with glossy papers or paint them. If you have a sister, then you’re lucky. Ask her if she has ribbons or any clips she is not using. Glue them on the box. NOTE: Do not over do it.

From this:


To This:


(Credits to AmberInk’s InKredible 21 Day Challenge)

Resell. There are unwanted things you might see useful. If you don’t need it, some might. Go to eBay or any portal sites. Online selling is risky as there are a lot of bogus buyers. Do a garage sale. We call it “ukay-ukay” in PI. Perk of reselling? You have money solely dedicated for decorating.

Being thrifty doesn’t mean you have to live in a dull house. Let your mind do the work not your pocket. Happy decorating, People!