Simple yet Innovative Ways to De-clutter Your Abode

Minimal home decors and neutral colors are more appealing to the eyes rather than those homes with a lot of shelves, chairs or home accessories as it eat up a lot of space and it becomes suffocating. When you check out magazines about home styling, you’ll realize that simple styles and designs are timeless and applying this to your own home will help you out in de-cluttering your life.

People think that owning too many stuff is beneficial but the sad true is – it is NOT. There are more benefits of owning less stuff such as: fewer things to clean, you can find or search for your stuff easily and you can save a lot of money. To a few number of individuals, de-cluttering your own personal space is easier, however, when you are a self-confessed “hoarder,” this is going to be a tough time for you.

Hoarder is a person who loves to amass different things, regardless if it has a sentimental value or not, and has a difficult time in throwing them away. I will have to agree with you that this section will be a tough one for you. But no need to worry as the steps mentioned here will be in general. You do not have to decide abruptly, just take your time to read and understand the reasons behind you need to throw away other things and why you need to keep some.

You may ask yourself why? The answer is just simple. In de-cluttering your life as a whole, you should start with yourself and with your own personal space – that is, your home. Your home is a reflection of yourself; it justifies your personality and how you deal with things. So below are the 10 steps you need to consider:

Step One: The five rock-hard-minute rule. You need to take 5 minutes of your time in picturing the space you want to de-clutter first. This will lend a hand in judging what needs to be thrown away and what needs to stay. It also organizes your thoughts and coming up with a plan in a breeze.

Step Two: 365-Day Item Giving. This step is actually very insightful for hoarders. You have to remember that you do not have to be in a rush towards the way you value things; take one step at a time and do this challenge. In one year, each day you have to pick an item you need to give away; it could be as huge as an extra chair you do not use or small as a candle piece. It may seem a long process for non-hoarders but if you’ll look into a bigger perspective it has a massive transformation in return.

Step Three: One black trash bag could make a difference. Just get a trash bag and fill it with things or stuff you most likely do not need. If some of the things you put inside the trash bag can be of use, then donate it to charitable institutions. You do not only clear your own abode but you could help others at the same time.

Step Four: The ever famous Closet Hanger Try-Out. This is done by most people who single-handedly took the challenge of de-cluttering their life; but it was Oprah Winfrey who made it famous. To locate your clothing pieces which needs to be cleared out, you must hang each and every clothes you possessed (you need a lot of hangers for this trick).

Make sure you hang them in a reverse way and then after wearing each clothe, you have to return them inside your closet with hanger facing right or correct way. In the course of five to six months, you will have a clearer view of which wardrobe pieces you can thrust aside without any trouble. The closet hanger try-out or experiment could also be useful other cluttered areas around the house such as playroom, tools, linens and so forth.

Step Five: Jot a list. If the five rock-hard-minute challenge will not do the trick, then you can jot down a list of areas inside the house that need to be de-cluttered first. It would be better if you’ll start with the easiest area to de-clutter as those difficult areas will take a lot of time to organize. It may sound dull and boring in just doing a list, so here’s what you need to do next.

After finishing one area, you need to stop for the day. Look at the area you finished and the areas which are not and spot the difference. You’ll feel relax and more comfortable looking at a well-organized and simplified area than a messy one.

Step Six: The 12/12/12 Dare. You have to pick 12 things that you need to throw away, another set of 12 things you are willing to donate and a last set of 12 things you need to return to their right owner or find an owner. Imagine, in doing this challenge, it will fix 36 items in one go.

Step Seven: Put up a garage sale. You see not all items you could find inside your house are trash, sometimes, you just have too many stuff that you tend to forget you have those all along. So when you start all the steps mentioned above and if you are on a tight budget, you could put up a mini garage sale to sell the collected items.

If you do not have an extra time to put up a garage sale, then no need to worry. There are store or depot owners who buy second-hand items for cheaper price. Don’t dare to complain if they buy your items half of the original price, you should be grateful instead.

Step Eight: Play with numbers. Some people suggest practicing the Project333, where you only allowed wearing 33 wardrobe pieces in the span of 3 months. With this project, it helped them choose the clothing items they do not really need. You may also follow the same project but don’t just settle with that. Be creative and invent a project of your own and practice it in your everyday living. The vital point of playing with numbers is to face up with life and live with fewer things; and view your learnings from the challenge.

Step Nine: Be creative and imaginative. Humans are sentimental in nature. We value the things we have especially those items that were given as a gift or reward by the people who are closed to our hearts. Most hoarders feel the same way but in an excessive manner. Therefore, if giving or throwing away any item is a hurdle for you, then be creative and imaginative on how you need to live with less material things in life.

For example, you value all the shoe boxes even if the actual shoes are already worn out, then create them as storage boxes by designing the box. There are a lot of websites which could help you out with DIY (Do it Yourself) stuff. Check out Pinterest or Facebook pages to get some ideas of your own.

Step Ten: Four-box Approach. This is the most common and generic method you could use in your expedition to minimalism. All you need is to get four boxes and label them as: junk, give away, stay and reposition. Put all as in everything in the boxes (where you think it belongs); this may take few hours or even days or weeks, however, it will still help you in de-cluttering your home.

You could use two or three steps at the same time; it is all up to you but remember that de-cluttering your own home is a big step in de-cluttering you whole life. 🙂 ❤


De-cluttering 101: Avoid Media

You might be wondering what this has to do with living a simple and de-cluttered life. Well I’m telling you it has a lot to do with it. Everyone knows that capitalism is the ruling ideology in this world and that every establishment/company out there is only concerned about getting your money and not satisfying your needs. Media makes your life cluttered by making you want things buy things that you don’t really need and that you’ll end up forgetting about once there’s a new thing that they’re trying to get you to buy. This literally and metaphorically makes your life messier! So how do we deal with this?


Step One: Watch less TV. Of course it is still important to watch TV for certain things such as watching the news and once in a while watching some shows to relax. However one of the biggest ways of advertising is through TV commercials. You might think that these commercials are harmless and they don’t affect you in any way but don’t think too high of yourself. Companies spend millions even billions on advertising, trying to find the perfect pitch that will hook television viewers into wanting, into buying their products. You can’t change the channel every time a commercial goes on that would be too much effort. The simplest thing to do is to just watch less. Besides it won’t do you any harm to go out and do something else.

Step Two: Don’t use social media networking sites and apps. Yes using Facebook is an easy way to connect to people. Yes, checking twitter is an easy way to find out what other people are doing. Yes, checking out Instagram is an easy way to check out the recent adventures of people. But what’s wrong with just texting or calling? If you want to live a simple and de-cluttered life, stop concerning yourself with the lives of other people. You have your family and your closest friends that’s enough to get you through life and not feel so stressed about it all the time.

Think about it, what would you normally see on these social networking sites? Someone post about how they had an amazing vacation in some faraway place that you didn’t even know existed, you see someone tweet about their feelings and what song they’re emoting too, you’d see someone post a picture of what they had for breakfast or lunch or dinner. You will see a lot of things that have no use in your life but may affect your priorities and decisions. Face it; we all get a little bit jealous sometimes.

Step Three: Get yourself a hobby. If you don’t know what to replace social media with try to find a hobby. It could be anything ranging from sports, to collecting things, to building things etc. Having a hobby is a great way to help you focus and maintain balance in your life. Instead of being unproductive and doing useless things during your spare time doing something you love will give more relaxation and will make your life simpler and de-cluttered.

Personally, I find that blogging, cooking and running really help me focus and keep my life in order. They are great ways to release stress and frustrations from other things in my life. Other than that I really enjoy doing these things.

Step Four: Be more productive. Instead of bumming around in front of the computer or the television look for something to do that will de-clutter your life. One way of literally de-cluttering your life is cleaning your living space. Having clean surroundings fosters good thoughts and good ideas. It also makes you healthier so it is actually a necessity. De-cluttering your home is also simplifying your life.

Step Five: Stop idolizing other people. Envy is a very powerful thing. It can lead people to doing the most horrible of things. It certainly doesn’t do anyone any good whatsoever. So live your own life. Imagine the simple life that you’ve always wanted, stop dreaming about the lives of celebrities and stars because that is the complete opposite of what you want to achieve. Envy is also intertwined with jealousy and when these two are put together, insecurities will build up. Insecurities will just pull you back and will affect how you interact with other people. So instead of having day dreams how to be rich and famous and spend half of your day wishful thinking, snap back to reality. Remember simple is better!

Do you agree on this or not? Share your thoughts, drop a comment below, Lovelies. 🙂 ❤