SHORT BLOG: Uncommon Ways to Manage Stress

Yes, meditation is always mentioned in Stress Management, however, you will get to see some weird and uncommon ways to manage the level of stress you currently possess. Sometimes, adding a bit of wit, humor, and odd techniques will keep your interest in practicing such approaches every single day.

The secret behind the green nail polish


Most psychologists say that having a sight of green pigment has calming effects and could help in organizing your stress. This is one unique way in reducing stress, and all you need to do is place a dot of green nail polish to a certain thing you always bring every day. This dot will be a sort of a reminder that you need to take it slow and relax for a while.

Match your dress code with a rubber band around your wrist


Some might even laugh due to this technique’s absurdity; however, a specific psychologist named B.F. Skinner stated that punishment is employed rather than reinforcement. Try wearing a rubber band around your wrist and every single time you feel stress, snap the band. In doing so, you are hypothetically associating stress with the pinch when you snap the band. Eventually, you will subconsciously attempt to avoid the feeling. Moreover, when you avoid it, alter it with a more positive routine. Remember; always try to make it a point to incorporate the four major A’s in dealing with your stress.

Always bring chewing gum wherever you go


Chewing gum does not only freshen up your breath but it also minimizes anxiety and stress. In the year 2008, a study was led by Dr. Andrew Scholey, which tested the participants by allowing them to chew gum regularly. After a couple of months, those participants who chewed gum were established with lower anxiety level, reduced stress, and increased alertness rather than those participants who did not. So, I do not know about you, but I might as well bring a pack of Double Mints. There is no harm in trying anyway.

In view of the fact that every single person has a one of its kind reaction to stress, there is zero “one-size-fits-all” solution to dealing with it. No solitary procedure or method works for everybody. As a result, make use of the different strategies and methods. Put your focus on the things that make you feel relax and in control.   


SHORT BLOG: Are You an Alpha or a Beta Male?


The alpha male opposed to the beta male discussion is an ongoing open debate for a long period of time. One of the many questions raised in this debate is if majority of the woman population like male traits that are likely to be more fostering or are they after the control inclinations and more straight or direct communication. Through this blog, we will make an effort to go over the advantages and disadvantages of each type. This is something any male can gain from both ways so might as well check it out.

Primarily, we could declare something constructive about the beta males. They have the propensity to be more affectionate and considerate and are also better listeners. However, one of the many things, which make males beta males, is being jack-of-all-trades or simply doing too much things even if it is beyond of their control. The self-assured or confident male type is capable of being affectionate and considerate except he does not drown a person in too much attention. This is the reason that makes this type of male more eye-catching to any woman. In any place you go, it is not difficult to distinguish dominate self-assured guy compared to the timid one. The weaker male is frenzied with gratifying his woman and looking for her appreciation and approval. The confident type does not have to ask for an approval from his woman or friends. For the reason that, he knows that being true to himself is the most established and mature thing to do.

What causes the alpha type of male unappealing are the identical kinds of things, which can cause him standoffish to the standard or average male; things resembling to being a typical douche who is trying to draw interest and attention to himself and being a massive sting to everybody around him. The predicament with such type of male is not the factual self-assured male for the reason that they are too certain in themselves in drawing attention by being strident and demeaning people around him. Imagine them more as the chief executive type who is calm and bold, who knows how to show no off-putting feelings such as annoyance or misery. You have to understand that such minute feelings that cause you to go nuts or displeased are beta traits. Do not get over-involved on anything dim-witted obstacles in your way. You just have to know what you must do and succeed.

In reality, most women would like to have a dominate self-assured male for the reason that this type shows the classic or typical hints of being self-supported. She knows very well that this type of person has the ability to provide, and not just whine and nitpick on how awful things are. Regardless of the era, nationality, culture or country, this woman’s standard has not changed at all. You have to prove to her that you are aware on what you are doing. In addition to that, you have to guarantee that you will be able to provide and protect her. And when you do, you are on the correct route towards becoming a true alpha male.

I’d like to hear your thoughts regarding this. Please drop a comment below to share your thoughts. Thanks, Lovelies! 🙂 ❤


SHORT BLOG: #Respect

We are going to talk about respect and woman empowerment; how this is connected with your self-esteem. It mirrors your self-worth. If you have a clear understanding with self-esteem, you would have a brief overview why respect is connected with self-esteem.

When you value yourself and you love what you have, you gain confidence and have a sense of contentment. And when you do, you know how to respect yourself and the end result, you show respect to other people. You see, respect is not being forced, it is always being earned. You cannot ask people to respect you if they see or hear things opposite of what you want. People pay their respect towards you depending on how you treat others and how you present yourself; inside and out.

If you’ll look into all social media networks, posting your “selcas” or “selfies” is quite rampant. Let us take Facebook as an example, you see women posting pictures in their bikinis or overly exposed clothes but in their caption, you’ll see the statement “respect my post.” I mean, how can you respect a person with the way they dress? Plus their provocative facial expression.

This does not mean to judge or criticize the way you dress but come on, you know for a fact that you cannot control how other people react. So might as well apply the 90/10 rule. You can only control 10% of the whole situation, meaning you can only control what you have shared. So if you want to be respected, you have to always present yourself in a proper way. And please, do not even think of commenting that example of posting picture in a bikini is a form of art because it is not.

There are also instances that no matter properly mannered you are there are always certain individuals who will disrespect you. Instead of wasting your time in explaining or preaching them about respect, do not be bothered because karma will slap them in due time.

Be sincere and considerate to others are simple ways to show your respect. When giving out your opinions, feedback or standpoint, you have to always check the choice of words you use as some words could be threatening. It does not mean that you need not to voice out your thoughts; it’s just a matter of how you deliver your message.

And last but not the least, you have to remember to pay respect to yourself; not only your body but your totality as a person. Putting others before you is an example of altruism of selflessness; it is considered a kind and sincere act and people will take you in a different light. It is self-fulfilling to actually help others but doing this over and over damages your self-respect. It is not bad to be selfish at times because if people need help from others, you also need to help yourself as well. You cannot give respect if you cannot give it to yourself first.

I’d love to hear your thoughts regarding this matter, Lovelies. Drop a comment and let us start our Pinay Time! 🙂 ❤


SHORT BLOG: An Alternative Way to Cure INSOMNIA

Sleeplessness or insomnia is considered to be a sleep disorder by Psychology experts. Insomnia is a failure to fall asleep. This sleeping disorder can happen to anyone regardless of age or gender but it is predominantly experienced by the elderly.

Sleeplessness can be experience in a short-term period, around one to three weeks or in a longer period of time which is above three weeks. This can result to irritability, vehicular-related accidents, memory difficulties, risk in heart problems and depression.

Most individuals who have difficulties in sleeping use sleeping pills to help them get some sleep. However, studies show that regular medication of sleeping pills will cause addiction or narcotic-dependency.

To prevent getting an addiction, there are alternative ways in curing insomnia. One of these alternative ways is by using essential oils. Listed below are the essential oils that are specifically graded to help you have a good night sleep:

#1 Lavender

lavender.pngLavender is categorized as a flowering plant; usually grows in the Mediterranean regions but can also be seen growing in North America, Europe and Australia. Lavender is in light blue to purple in color.

There are several significant benefits in using Lavender as an essential oil. Some researchers stated that Lavender essential oil can treat some skin problems and even weight loss. It also has anti-viral and anti-bacterial components. In aromatherapy, Lavender essential oil is one of the most commonly used oil as it also has calming effects to a person’s brain.

The effective way of using lavender essential oil is through inhalation. All you have to do is dilute three to four drops of lavender essential oil in three cups of boiling water. The lavender-water vapor must then be inhaled but not directly, it should be done by fanning the vapor.

Lavender essential oil can also help children from one to five years of age get enough sleep. Instead of inhalation, put one to two drops of lavender essential oil in warm water during bath time.

#2 Roman Chamomile

Roman Chamomile is specifically known in aiding sleeplessness. Most agree that Roman romanchamomile.pngChamomile is one of the safest essential oil not only for adults but also for children. The Latin name of Roman Chamomile is Anthemis nobilis and the method of extraction used to get the essential oil is by Steam Distillation. It is pale blue in color.

You can plainly put two to three drops on a cotton ball and place it in your pillow case. Or just add ten to twelve drops of Roman Chamomile Essential Oil in warm bath water. Some home-practitioners even recommend adding a little milk to disperse it evenly in water.

#3 Vetiver

The Latin name for Vetiver is Vetiveria zizanioides and was derived from a Tamil name which means “hatched up.” It is said to be a perennial grass and grows commonly in Sri Lanka, Indonesia and southern region of India. However, the essential is mainly produced in Haiti and Java. The root of Vetiver is used for extracting the oil. It is prominent for its cooling effects.


For ages from two to nine, dilute a drop of Vetiver Essential Oil in a teaspoon of vegetable oil that can be found in your own kitchen; then, massage it on your children’s back. For ages from ten and above (including you), dilute 2 drops in a teaspoon of vegetable oil; massage it behind your ears, over your throat or at the nape of your neck.

Few aroma therapists also recommend Mandarin, Sweet Marjoram and Neroli Essential Oils to help you with your insomnia. Before using any of these oils, make sure to administer a test to make sure there are no unpleasant effects on you.

Do you have any alternative way to cure insomnia? If so, drop a comment and share your personal tips with us. Thanks for another Pinay Time, Lovelies! I’m sorry I haven’t been posting new stuff as I sorted few things out. 🙂 ❤



SHORT BLOG: Physical Attraction for both Men and Women

Physical attraction for both men and women has a common denominator – instinct. Most often than not, people can predict or tell if they are smitten to a person within the first 60 seconds after their encounter. Most relationship advisors propose that women (in general) are as expected to be attracted towards men who emanate zeal and confidence, and who are also deemed to have thrilling lives. Heterosexual women have the propensity to be physically and even sexually engrossed to traditionally masculine men. These men are what we call “alpha males.” Alpha males exhibit a specific set of personality attributes such as intensity and directness. Most alpha males also have common physical traits such as small eyes, squared-jaw and toned body frame.

Men, on the other hand, are also instinctively smitten to precise kinds of women. The majority of men are attracted to women with long shiny hair and big breasts. Others prefer tiny waist with wide hips. Scientifically speaking, these types of women are also considered to be most fertile.

But physical attraction does not always have the goods; one of the major downfalls of being a physically attracted to opposite gender is the relationship you have built might not last longer. It was stated by some gurus that alpha males are most likely to be sexually promiscuous, same goes with women. In any gender, when they come to a point where they want to settle down and commit to a longer relationship, they search for the opposite; individuals who smile better, cooperative and considerate. Instead of looking for those big bums and large bust size, they look for women with more delicate feminine features such as fuller lips, thin brows and so forth.

Of course, in any type of relationship, physical attraction always comes first but you have to take into consideration that platonic attraction is also important. Does he send you a reply when you message him? Does he compliment you? Or does he ask how your day was? You have to mull over that common interests are one of the main building blocks for a deeper emotional attachment with your partner.

Last case point, you have to admit that you want things in life that you know you cannot have. In a dating pool, you always dream of having someone “out-of-your-league.” Why? Because it corresponds to an “ideal;” plain and simple.

Always remember this, “physical attraction is what catches your eye (most often than not) but “personality” is what makes you stay.” Speaking of, I remember a story my cousin Mike told me. He was physically attracted to this girl he met at a local bar in our town; but the minute she opened her mouth, at the back of his mind, he was like, “Damn, she’s a bitch and stupid at that.” Made me lol’d for the next 15 minutes.

Okay, Lovelies… I don’t want to defeat the purpose of this post, “short blog,” so thanks again for sharing a Pinay Time with me! 🙂 ❤


SHORT BLOG: Don’t procrastinate – get things done!

Procrastinate is defined as delaying or postponing something. Most of the time, people I know procrastinate their task. Some experts say that it is a “delaying tactic or strategy of individuals.” They delay their task to avoid getting another task from their superiors or whatnot.

People also procrastinate to avoid risk. Psychologists say that our brain likes it when we do not take risks as it doesn’t make us defenseless and out in the open. Believe it or not, other slack off because they fear success. Success means change, something different from the usual – a person’s growth. When a person is growing, responsibilities add up and obstacles are more complicated.

If you ask people, procrastination is better because it feels good and it is a lot fun. But it is just a temporary and immediate relief. Why not set yourself for a long-term happiness? So instead of procrastinating, get up and get started! How? By following these simple tips:

Create a Dreamboard


Think of the things you’re dreaming of. It doesn’t matter if it’s a house, a car, a partner – Your choice. Usually, I suggest making a list but it’s too dull to motivate you and act now. Isn’t it nice to picture your dreams in a colorful and presentable way? So, after thinking of your dreams, gather some old magazines, print outs, pictures, pens, glue sticks and a board.

Represent each dream with a picture and start designing your “dreamboard.” Once you’re finished, hang it on your bedroom wall. Make sure to hang it where you can easily see it every day.

This is a technique to get you motivated.

Pamper Yourself


Since you are self-medicating from procrastination, it’s not bad to pamper and reward yourself every time you achieve something. Gather the things that need to be done, the moment you finish one task or goal, check it and reward yourself for doing a great job. Rewards can be big or small, depends on how important the task is and of course, your budget.

Put Gossip into Good Use

procrastinate2.pngWe just stated earlier that we tend to procrastinate because we avoid risks. So why don’t you make one? Think of the people you respect and love the most. Tell each one of them the details of your project – why you’re doing it, how important this is to you and so on. Took the risk? Checked! Now if you fail, every individual involved will know. The point here is, you need to put that fear of risking to good use.

Embrace the Most Permanent Thing in the World

procrastinate3.pngWhen you experience a heart break, most of your friends will tell you that in order for you to move one; you need to embrace the pain. Same goes with procrastination. You need to embrace what causes you to drag your feet – Change. Ask yourself this, “Why do you fear success if you didn’t even try?” You have to understand that success cannot be measured. You’ll just have to know how to deal with it once you get there.

Procrastination could lead to a more serious problem, so write down all the tips given and start doing it, RIGHT NOW. Do you have any tips you’d like to share? Drop a comment and lets share them with each other. I’m not getting tired of thanking y’all, Lovelies. Thanks for sharing Pinay Time with me. 🙂 ❤


SHORT BLOG: Natural Hair Product

Most hair products being advertised today contain “Sodium Lauryl Sulphate,” which is an active ingredient of detergent; so imagine yourself using those products same as using Tide or any detergent powder available. In addition to that, there are several types of hair products (such as hair spa treatment, hair dye, conditioner, hair moisturizer) with just a single-functionality; thus, if you have a few hair problems, you might need to use 2 to 3 products out of the many. With regards to natural hair products, they are not only safe to use but most ingredients are multiple functionality. Take coconut oil for example, it does not only help thicken your hair but also moisturizes it, giving a lustrous look. Last but not least, most natural ingredients can be mixed altogether without damaging your hair. Unlike with synthetic products, you cannot mix them together as they might damage your hair or worst, it can cause baldness and burnt scalp.

So Lovelies, I’ve included a home-made recipe you can easily prepare. Here it is:

Ingredients to use:

1 cup of water (distilled)
½ cup of Castile soap (in liquid form)
3-4 teaspoonfuls of Avocado oil
¼ teaspoon each of these essential oils: peppermint and tea tree
1 ½ teaspoons of Vegetable Glycerin
15 drops of another pure essential oil (your pick)


Pour all ingredients in one container or bottle and shake the mixture properly; and you are done. Make sure to shake the bottle before every use. Massage the recipe in your scalp for two to three minutes and rinse thoroughly.

In choosing an Essential Oil, make sure you have the proper guidelines or I might post an article regarding the basic things you need to know such ass…(oops, I meant as!), what is the most effective, skin reaction, etc. If you have another recipe you’d like to share, please drop a comment or drop a link of your blog. Thanks for sharing another Pinay Time with me, Lovelies! 🙂 ❤