What’s cookin, good lookin?!

That took me roughly 5 minutes to come up with a “catchy” way of greeting you guys. I’m actually lost for words and I hate this feeling, to be honest. Ever had an experience when you need or want to write something but for some odd reasons, you can’t come up with words? Well, guilty! (points to myself) I just think when we try so hard to impress someone (meaning you, the audience) there is like 95% you gonna f*ck up. BUT I hope I’m not boring anyone who is at the moment, reading this page. Anyways, enough of me ranting silly things, yeah, I got distracted a lil and led you on a different path. Right, I have to introduce myself and give you, guys, a brief background on what to expect on my blog.

First thing first, I’m a pinay. Pinay is a slang term referring to a Filipino woman. I’m a proud citizen of the Republic of the Philipenis, I mean, Philippines. Gah. I bet some of my fellow countrymen would tagged this as a red flag but meh, one thing you should expect from this blog is quick wit. Going back, if you didn’t know most Filipinos have Mexican/Spanish names cause we were colonized by Spain for more than 300 freakin years! So our culture is influenced by them Spaniards. However, my name is not inspired by it — Aiza Czarina Parungao. Yep beautiful people, non-mexican/spanish at all. Aiza is a feminine name of an Arabic origin that means “Noble,” while Czarina is a female Czar and an empress of Russia in 1917. Most people who are very dear to me call me Aiz, so I guess, I’ma let y’all call me the same thing.

I’m a bit old, 32 and whats even surprising is (those who are familiar with Filipino culture would agree on this) I’m single. Bite me. Uh huh, most Pinays are married at the age of 24 or even younger, I’ll be posting blogs about my culture in the next few weeks so we are all at the same page, okay? Cool. Enough of my age, let’s go to the next one — my personality. I consider myself tenacious and brilliant, but never a size 2…God had to be fair! Would you agree with me on this? I hope you do 🙂 I love making people laugh because I always believe in the saying, “Laughter is the best medicine.” And with what has been happening now, everyone deserves to laugh. I love exploring things. They say, “Curiosity killed the cat,” but how can we find answers if we don’t raise a question? Yay or Nay? I also make it to a point to share my opinion and when I do, I give it straight forward. In line with this, I expect people to give it to me directly rather than sugar-coating them words. C’mon, I’m already fat, be nice to me. You’ll get the opportunity to get to know me well with all the stories I’ma share, so bare with me.

Why Drunken Cheeks? Honestly, there’s not deep meaning about the name. I just like it? Anywho, I have been blabbering enough and damn! this “about me” page is, I think, lengthy. So before I’ma let y’all go, the sole reason why I created my own blog site is to share my knowledge, experiences, viewpoints and my own culture. Like I said, you’d expect quick wit; add a pinch or two of sarcasm, a dash of “idgaf,” two teaspoons of randomness, 2 cups of laughter and a bag of cleverness — That’s my Pinay Pie.

Join me and enjoy our Pinay Time! ❤