SHORT BLOG: Are You an Alpha or a Beta Male?


The alpha male opposed to the beta male discussion is an ongoing open debate for a long period of time. One of the many questions raised in this debate is if majority of the woman population like male traits that are likely to be more fostering or are they after the control inclinations and more straight or direct communication. Through this blog, we will make an effort to go over the advantages and disadvantages of each type. This is something any male can gain from both ways so might as well check it out.

Primarily, we could declare something constructive about the beta males. They have the propensity to be more affectionate and considerate and are also better listeners. However, one of the many things, which make males beta males, is being jack-of-all-trades or simply doing too much things even if it is beyond of their control. The self-assured or confident male type is capable of being affectionate and considerate except he does not drown a person in too much attention. This is the reason that makes this type of male more eye-catching to any woman. In any place you go, it is not difficult to distinguish dominate self-assured guy compared to the timid one. The weaker male is frenzied with gratifying his woman and looking for her appreciation and approval. The confident type does not have to ask for an approval from his woman or friends. For the reason that, he knows that being true to himself is the most established and mature thing to do.

What causes the alpha type of male unappealing are the identical kinds of things, which can cause him standoffish to the standard or average male; things resembling to being a typical douche who is trying to draw interest and attention to himself and being a massive sting to everybody around him. The predicament with such type of male is not the factual self-assured male for the reason that they are too certain in themselves in drawing attention by being strident and demeaning people around him. Imagine them more as the chief executive type who is calm and bold, who knows how to show no off-putting feelings such as annoyance or misery. You have to understand that such minute feelings that cause you to go nuts or displeased are beta traits. Do not get over-involved on anything dim-witted obstacles in your way. You just have to know what you must do and succeed.

In reality, most women would like to have a dominate self-assured male for the reason that this type shows the classic or typical hints of being self-supported. She knows very well that this type of person has the ability to provide, and not just whine and nitpick on how awful things are. Regardless of the era, nationality, culture or country, this woman’s standard has not changed at all. You have to prove to her that you are aware on what you are doing. In addition to that, you have to guarantee that you will be able to provide and protect her. And when you do, you are on the correct route towards becoming a true alpha male.

I’d like to hear your thoughts regarding this. Please drop a comment below to share your thoughts. Thanks, Lovelies! 🙂 ❤


11 thoughts on “SHORT BLOG: Are You an Alpha or a Beta Male?

  1. Hi,
    I agree with what you wrote. I married an alpha male. However, in addition to providing and protecting he whined. We divorced and now I am with a great guy.
    Maybe you can check out my blog if you need any Blogging Tips. That’s what I write about.

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