De-cluttering 101: Avoid Media

You might be wondering what this has to do with living a simple and de-cluttered life. Well I’m telling you it has a lot to do with it. Everyone knows that capitalism is the ruling ideology in this world and that every establishment/company out there is only concerned about getting your money and not satisfying your needs. Media makes your life cluttered by making you want things buy things that you don’t really need and that you’ll end up forgetting about once there’s a new thing that they’re trying to get you to buy. This literally and metaphorically makes your life messier! So how do we deal with this?


Step One: Watch less TV. Of course it is still important to watch TV for certain things such as watching the news and once in a while watching some shows to relax. However one of the biggest ways of advertising is through TV commercials. You might think that these commercials are harmless and they don’t affect you in any way but don’t think too high of yourself. Companies spend millions even billions on advertising, trying to find the perfect pitch that will hook television viewers into wanting, into buying their products. You can’t change the channel every time a commercial goes on that would be too much effort. The simplest thing to do is to just watch less. Besides it won’t do you any harm to go out and do something else.

Step Two: Don’t use social media networking sites and apps. Yes using Facebook is an easy way to connect to people. Yes, checking twitter is an easy way to find out what other people are doing. Yes, checking out Instagram is an easy way to check out the recent adventures of people. But what’s wrong with just texting or calling? If you want to live a simple and de-cluttered life, stop concerning yourself with the lives of other people. You have your family and your closest friends that’s enough to get you through life and not feel so stressed about it all the time.

Think about it, what would you normally see on these social networking sites? Someone post about how they had an amazing vacation in some faraway place that you didn’t even know existed, you see someone tweet about their feelings and what song they’re emoting too, you’d see someone post a picture of what they had for breakfast or lunch or dinner. You will see a lot of things that have no use in your life but may affect your priorities and decisions. Face it; we all get a little bit jealous sometimes.

Step Three: Get yourself a hobby. If you don’t know what to replace social media with try to find a hobby. It could be anything ranging from sports, to collecting things, to building things etc. Having a hobby is a great way to help you focus and maintain balance in your life. Instead of being unproductive and doing useless things during your spare time doing something you love will give more relaxation and will make your life simpler and de-cluttered.

Personally, I find that blogging, cooking and running really help me focus and keep my life in order. They are great ways to release stress and frustrations from other things in my life. Other than that I really enjoy doing these things.

Step Four: Be more productive. Instead of bumming around in front of the computer or the television look for something to do that will de-clutter your life. One way of literally de-cluttering your life is cleaning your living space. Having clean surroundings fosters good thoughts and good ideas. It also makes you healthier so it is actually a necessity. De-cluttering your home is also simplifying your life.

Step Five: Stop idolizing other people. Envy is a very powerful thing. It can lead people to doing the most horrible of things. It certainly doesn’t do anyone any good whatsoever. So live your own life. Imagine the simple life that you’ve always wanted, stop dreaming about the lives of celebrities and stars because that is the complete opposite of what you want to achieve. Envy is also intertwined with jealousy and when these two are put together, insecurities will build up. Insecurities will just pull you back and will affect how you interact with other people. So instead of having day dreams how to be rich and famous and spend half of your day wishful thinking, snap back to reality. Remember simple is better!

Do you agree on this or not? Share your thoughts, drop a comment below, Lovelies. 🙂 ❤


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