Uniqueness as a Strength Not as a Weakness!

These days some people mix uniqueness with ugliness and weirdness and this is false. First of all, my site DOES NOT promote or believe in ugliness as negativity is not allowed in here. Secondly, it modifies the meaning or definition of weirdness. And lastly, uniqueness is something that we should not hide but rather be proud of it and consider it as a personal strength.

Uniqueness of a person’s aesthetic value

There are cases where you get shy or embarrass with your physical assets as they may look unusual to other people. For example, having too much freckles on your cheeks or broader shoulders than regular women, since some people tend to look on those parts first before looking directly in your eyes, you have the propensity to be shy and other times, you find ways to hide them.

The sole reason why you hide those unique body features is you do not want to be tease by other people; it drains your confidence. And sometimes, if you hear hateful comments about it, you throw hateful words too. That is not the proper way to react. Instead, cover your ears and do not think of it too much. Imagine you are sitting in the corner and stressing out yourself with non sense, that will definitely burns you out. You might want to divert those negativities into something else, like go to the mall, watch a movie or what not. Those comments or critics you heard will not help you achieve what you want in life. So do not let them pull you down.

Also, I would like to stress another arising problem for most women – their body shape. Below is a summary of one of the many problems I personally have, my endless weight battle.

fat.pngThe word fat, as defined by science, is a group of compounds generally soluble in organic solvents and mostly insoluble in water. On the other hand, adding a noun after it sounds sharp, at some cases, judicious, like fat woman, fat people, fat kid, or even fat Aiza. Yes, I have had experiences since then. I felt resentful towards people to the point where I blurted out things I shouldn’t have; it brought back my confidence that yeah, I am fat but good mother gracious if I am, then why some people are you exceptionally fugly? For some reason, I found it satisfying to have uttered nasty words to them, seeing them look down. Days, months, years have passed; I came to realize how unhappy I was. I asked myself, will it change the fact I am fat by telling a person that his or her birth certificate is an apology to a condom factory? It doesn’t. I took the liberty of doing a famous scene from “The Bridges of Madison County” to assess myself (it wasn’t a conventional standard of beauty but the hell with it). I stared at myself for an hour saying “I’m beautiful” while my brain answers back “Who the eff are you kidding?” End Result: not working. So I thought of ideas on how to gain my confidence sans mocking-nincompoops-for-self-upliftment.

  • Make a List. Apparently, “I’m beautiful” while standing for an hour in front of the mirror didn’t work. I searched for a quote that my system specifically my brain will accept without a doubt. So I went to get advice from Mr. Google, beauty quotes typed in the search field and pulled up the first 10 sites. I was browsing thru them but I gagged most of the time. First few ones are too cheesy; the others are figment of imagination and the rest, too crappy. I got a pen and paper and started listing traits and attributes. I like about myself. Sense of humor, curly hair, moles in my face, eyes, hands, photographic memory, keen-observer, legs (most friends said I have thin legs for a Dumbo like me, so I included it).Slowly, more traits/attributes were noted. I felt contented; I was happy seeing it, I was not bad at all. From then, I perceived beauty provides mental experience of contentment.
  • Dress to Impress. One thing thick people hate most is dressing. Most of them hate dressing elegantly as they are stuck with an impression people will pass judgment on how they look. That’s not the case now. There are a lot of stores and online shops which cater to plus-sized individuals. Who said curvy women cannot wear dresses, skirts, trousers and NOT look good? With vast fashion trends, ways of hiding those flabby arms and layered tummies are easy. The more these plump ladies stick to plain and tedious dressing makes them stand out in a crowd, in a bad way.
  • Say NO to Assumption. It is a guilty pleasure of assuming others think you’re unattractive. Getting rid of assumption is difficult, like for instance, in a department store, you’re shy to ask if there is bigger size of a pair of pants on sale. Thinking the sales lady might insult you at the back of her head. Assumption leads to awkwardness which results to limitations. To get rid of assumption is to find witty or comical ways to deal with your own physique.

In my several encounters with people who are amused seeing fat people like me (like I’m the first fat lady they have seen), they usually ask, “Are you fat even before?” I reply, “Yes, my doctor said I have this allergy that every time I eat in breaks into fat.”

There is no need to worry about people who can’t get over on how plump ladies run their FAT lives. Love your flabs and more importantly, love yourself. Long live to you, FAT! –Fabulous and Thick.

As a last and final case point, you have to embrace your flaws or uniqueness because these things will make you stronger and bolder. Because how can other people accept you, if you, yourself cannot accept and love what and who you are?




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