Intrinsic Beauty vs. Extrinsic Beauty


There were studies before that stated outer beauty is beneficial as it raises a person’s chances in getting a job position more than a person with average or not-so-average inner beauty. It also affects the academic grades of a person as people with pleasing physical attributes have the tendency to get higher grades than those regular looking people.

Not only that, if you’ll take an hour watching television, you can observe that most commercials advertise different products for beautification, some TV shows cast celebrities with exquisite beauty or reality shows that promote different science modernization for non-surgical procedures you could choose from.

Our perception of beauty or value is greatly influenced by the feeds we get from the media. It revolutionizes on our stance regarding beauty and value. In line with this, people tend to focus more on how to look good outside rather than developing or molding their personalities or traits.

Your outer beauty or what we call extrinsic value is important too; but you need to draw a line to ensure you are not overly doing it. While your inner beauty or intrinsic value is your different traits or behaviors which you need to focus as well; as they play an important or vital role in building oneself and relationships with other people.

Here are some significant reasons as to why inner beauty should be move valued than outer beauty:

  • Inner beauty will make you a beautiful individual. Being elegant, sexy or physically appealing does not warranty a beautiful or attractive heart. It does not mean what is beautiful in the outside is as beautiful in the inside. Looks could be deceiving most of the times. There are instances that we tend to judge a person because of their looks but sometimes what you do not see with your naked eyes is actually a hidden beauty. You have to instill good values inside you as this truly makes a person good-looking. When you feel no angst or hatred, it shows in your smile, skin and eyes.
  • Inner beauty is lifelong than outer beauty. Modifying your physical features is costly as you need to buy endless cosmetic products or even surgical procedures; unlike with inner beauty, all you need to do is take up your confidence and it will give you a radiant look.
  • Inner beauty is the secret why people fall in love with a person. Physical attraction is the first or initial step why people take interest in getting to know you; but remember that this is just a temporary impression. Attraction fades out easily especially if little by little you see the true inner beauty of a specific person. Infatuation or liking is momentary and usually in any relationship, there is no deeper emotional attachment. On the other hand, if you have an outstanding inner beauty, you don’t just let people to like you instead they fall head over heels with you; building a stronger emotional attachment. Keep in mind that it is better to be remembered as a person who moved people’s heart than a person who only looks good in the outside.
  • Inner beauty provides you with peace of mind. No matter how gorgeous you look in the outside, you will never gain peace if you are ugly in the inside. Outer beauty does not give you serenity and stress-free state of mind but inner beauty does.
  • Inner beauty builds emotional connection. When you show your concern and lend your hand to other people, it helps you build a deeper and stronger emotional connection with them.
  • Inner beauty will not die unlike outer beauty. Your face, skin and hour-glass figure can fade over the years however your inner beauty won’t. Instead, inner beauty could develop better from the experiences or learnings you get.

Tips on how to appreciate your inner beauty: 

  • Be honest and true to oneself. It is not bad to wish you would be someone else; that is life. You crave for some aspects you do not actually have. But do not pretend someone or something you are not. You are just simply you; and that what makes you incredibly different and beautiful than others. Usually, people who always bash other people are the ones who are not able to appreciate their own. So if you find people criticizing how you look, there must be something within you that they envy.
  • You have to always keep an eye contact. Always remember to look into people’s eye when you start a conversation or when you listen or meet them. You see, you could see their true feelings and vulnerability if you do that. Bear in mind that in order to see a person’s soul (you have to take it figuratively); always look them in the eyes. As a final point, you could also view their true intentions towards you.
  • Be a good listener and engage as much as you can. No matter how pretty you are if you don’t know how to lend your ears and speak in a respective manner, no one will appreciate you. Make sure to listen on other people’s thoughts and ideas and learn how to make small talks with them. In this way, you are starting to build a relationship based on each other’s emotions and feelings.

You sure do have doubts especially as a woman; you cannot help yourself not to be self-conscious on the way you look outside. And that is pretty normal, however, you have to always take into consideration that your inner beauty says a lot about you which is far more important than your outer beauty. When you tend to lean more towards your outer beauty, you are generally delivering a wrong impression or message to other people. Technically, what I’m trying to say is covering your face with expensive make-ups is comparable to wearing a mask. You hide your insecurities and flaws, and you’re trying to be perfect which most of the times causes more trouble and anxiety. You have to break that belief; what truly makes you beautiful is what you have inside of your heart.

What are your thoughts about this? Do you agree that inner beauty is more important and valuable than outer beauty? Drop a comment and share your thoughts with me. Thanks for sharing Pinay Time with me, Lovelies 🙂 ❤


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