DIY: Essential Oils for Massages

Essential Oils are popular products used for aromatherapy as it does not only have physical benefits, they are also beneficial emotionally. You might want to stack every essential oil; however, essential oils are not cheap.

To help you narrow down your choices, I came up with a list of the most effective essential oils you can use to relax your body and mind. But before going into that, let me provide you the proper dilution of essential oils based by your age.

  • For ages 65 and up: 5 drops of an essential oil
  • For ages between 12 and 65: 10 drops of an essential oil
  • For ages between 6 and 12: 7 drops of an essential oil

Steps in creating your own massage oil

  1. Pick your carrier oil. Carrier oil is a base ingredient to any of the massage oils you can find. It is commonly in vegetable-based oil. Below are some examples of carrier oils:
    1. Jojoba Oil – a liquid wax which has healing components and can moisturize all type of skin. Since it is a non-nut oil, jojoba oil is recommended for sensitive skin.
    2. Almond Oil – carrier oil which is rich in vitamins A and E, and Essential Fatty Acids. It has a light odor and color which is practically beneficial for dry skin.
    3. Grape Seed Oil – it has a light odor and said to be one of the best carrier oil for penetration of your skin. It has a low percentage risk for skin allergies.
    4. Hazelnut Oil – this oil does not overwhelm the scent of your essential oil as it has no smell. Same with almond oil, it has great moisturizing properties.
    5. Apricot Kernel – it has a very light constancy and fragrance compared to Sweet Almond Oil. Professional therapists use this carrier oil for facial massages.
    6. Wheat-germ Oil – it is an anti-oxidant with large amount of Vitamin E. Together with its fatty acids, it is suitable for dry and mature skin type.

 NOTE: always use 20ml of carrier oil in your own mixture.

  1. Choose you preferred Essential Oil. Some of the most best essential oils are:
    1. Lavender – it is very popular essential oil as it performs what your body requires to; thus, it is called the balancing oil. In purchasing lavender, make sure to purchase the true lavender not lavandin or any other types. Just the “plain” lavender.
    2. Sandal Wood – this is also popular due to its warm woody smell and said to cure anxiety and depression.
    3. Eucalyptus – it is not only known for its anti-bacterial agents but eucalyptus can also treat your sinus congestion.
    4. Bergamot – it is a photo-sensitizing essential oil, so make sure not to go out after using it in your massage session. Bergamot, like Sandal Wood, can alleviate you from anxiety and depression. To top it off, it is also used by therapist to clients’ suffering from addiction.
    5. Geranium – it is also called the balancing oil; and most women use this oil for menstrual and menopausal difficulties.
  1. Mix them. You may want to use these recipes to start your massage sleep over with friends.
    1. For a flowery girly scent: just mix 20ml of a carrier oil, 8 drops of jasmine and 10 drops each of geranium and rosewood essential oils.
    2. For a massage with a kick: 20ml of a carrier oil, 5-6 drops each of peppermint and black pepper essential oils, 8 drops of cinnamon essential oil and 14 drops of sandal wood essential oil.
    3. For a stimulating massage: 20ml of a carrier oil, 9 drops of jasmine essential oil and 14 drops of each rose and ylang-ylang essential oils.

 I’m hoping this simple DIY using Essential Oils would help you in creating a better atmoshpere when performing a massage to your loved ones. Pick the Essential Oil which your body needs and what really suits your taste. If you have any suggestion, please drop a comment below. Thanks for sharing another Pinay Time with me, Lovelies! 🙂 ❤


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