Your Not-so-Ordinary Physical Fitness


Providing beauty tips is not the only solution in modifying how you look; getting a healthy and toned body is also important. In this article, you will get to know some strange but effective physical fitness tips to help you boost your confidence.

Non-Parental Guidance Work Out

Most women today do work outs to simply appear pleasant in their undergarments. This is actually a social media effect, as most celebrities and prominent individuals post their images in their bikinis, tank tops and so on. To ordinary people, they would also like to gain those celeb bods; it may be a personal goal or social acceptance but looking good in your undergarments is kind of self-fulfilling. You gain confidence from it.

One of the so-called x-rated exercise programs available is the stripper-inspired pole dancing exercise. Most women are into it lately as it does not only help your bodies to become fit but it also increases your flexibility and body strength.

There are ongoing classes for pole dancing routine and you could enroll online or to your local gym. But if you are still embarrassed to go in class with other enrollees then you can watch videos through YouTube but make sure you have installed a pole for this program because it’s a must to have it.

You have to ensure you have the correct or proper clothing in doing this routine. Most of the time, you are required to wear a simple tight tank top and cycling shorts; and prepare yourself as for the first time classes, you’ll get some bruises.

Below are some of the basic pole-dancing moves that can help you start on your own:

  • The Front-hook Spin. Start walking frontward around your pole and inside arm must be holding tightly on your pole. Make sure to hook inside leg around the pole’s front and take the outside arm to your pole. Then the outside leg should be the final one to come in the position.
  • The Half and Full Turn. Make sure to use the pole for your own balance and axle 180 degrees onto the inside leg.
  • The Body Wave. Hold the pole then roll over the body employing your whole lower and upper parts of your body to produce a nice wave effect.
  • The Hip Circular Form. Make sure to stand up straight and lean back against your pole. You could either place your hands on top of your head or onto the hips and start rotating your pelvic area in a circular manner.
  • The Rabbit Slide. Stand straight and lean back against your pole; then rest those arms onto the thighs and begin to slide down bending your knees.

Flying Yoga or Aerial Suspension Routine 

Yoga and Pilates are famous work out programs enjoyed by most women as it help maintain your muscle mass and meditate or relaxes your mind at the same time. Through the course of time, some health instructors created new ideas on how to make yoga and pilates more exciting and innovative. Thus, aerial or flying yoga is introduced. We are used in seeing mats and inflated balls being utilize during yoga or Pilates movements but with aerial yoga, you will be using a heavy-duty piece of cloth hanging into the ceiling. It would be advisable to enroll yourself to an aerial yoga class as you need assistance from a professional regarding the basic moves. And an ordinary hammock you see in your backyard should not be an alternative tool to use for such routine.

You must be aware that the proper clothes to wear are a long (not denim) sweat pants and a plain sleeved-shirt.

Other benefits of aerial yoga are as follows:

  • It re-aligns your spinal cord
  • Minimizes your body sores
  • It is said to be an anti-aging work out
  • Improvement with your cardiovascular system
  • It enhances your breathing
  • It also corrects your blood flow or circulation

Freestyle Cluster Workout Program

Freestyle cluster training program is a type of workout that uses new unique exercises depending on ways your bodies be in motion every day. The philosophy of this type of program engages the use of an amalgamation of 3-corpulent training factions to hone and challenge every single muscle in the human body. The training program makes use of a set of equipments and procedures such as pylo boxes, suspension training or BOSU balls.

A BOSU ball is training equipment which consists of a puffed up rubberized hemisphere connected to an unbending or firm platform. Some health enthusiasts call BOSU balls as the blue colored half-ball. Pylo boxes are basically used for pylometrics or in layman’s term, jump training. It is a type of exercise program that increases your speed and power.

Here is a basic combination routine:

  • First, you must do some stretching to warm up your muscles. Do this for 15 minutes.
  • For another 15 minutes, jump with your hands placed on your waist. After the first jump, bend over with one of your knee touching the floor and the other one is for support. Do this combination in a repetitive manner.
  • For the second 15-minute routine, make use of a BOSU ball, stand on it and balance yourself. You should not fall off from the BOSU ball, so make sure to use your lower body strength.
  • For the last set, do a simple body-weight squat for 15 minutes.

Sandbells: The revolutionary of dumbbells

Everybody knows that when you do simple workout programs or trainings, you are most likely required to use dumbbells. But in today’s innovation towards new exercise movements, health instructors introduced the use of sandbells. From the word itself, sandbells are used for body strength programs by using bags of ordinary sand.

You do not have to take it literally, when I said it is a bag of sand because sandbells are a bit more high-end; their gentleness only means they can be thrown, dropped and hopped on without the risk of damage. The use of sandbells can become accustomed to anyone who is willing to cut down those few extra pounds. Specific routines involving the use of sandbells last for 45 to 60 minutes of extensive exercise which aims to enhance your stamina and muscle strength. Do your regular basic exercises but instead of using your dumbbells, use the sandbells.

I’m pretty sure there are few innovations (in a weird way) when it comes to making physical fitness more fun, so Lovelies, if you are trying any “unique” routine, drop a comment and share it with us. Thanks for sharing Pinay Time with The Drunken Cheeks 🙂 ❤


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