SHORT BLOG: Physical Attraction for both Men and Women

Physical attraction for both men and women has a common denominator – instinct. Most often than not, people can predict or tell if they are smitten to a person within the first 60 seconds after their encounter. Most relationship advisors propose that women (in general) are as expected to be attracted towards men who emanate zeal and confidence, and who are also deemed to have thrilling lives. Heterosexual women have the propensity to be physically and even sexually engrossed to traditionally masculine men. These men are what we call “alpha males.” Alpha males exhibit a specific set of personality attributes such as intensity and directness. Most alpha males also have common physical traits such as small eyes, squared-jaw and toned body frame.

Men, on the other hand, are also instinctively smitten to precise kinds of women. The majority of men are attracted to women with long shiny hair and big breasts. Others prefer tiny waist with wide hips. Scientifically speaking, these types of women are also considered to be most fertile.

But physical attraction does not always have the goods; one of the major downfalls of being a physically attracted to opposite gender is the relationship you have built might not last longer. It was stated by some gurus that alpha males are most likely to be sexually promiscuous, same goes with women. In any gender, when they come to a point where they want to settle down and commit to a longer relationship, they search for the opposite; individuals who smile better, cooperative and considerate. Instead of looking for those big bums and large bust size, they look for women with more delicate feminine features such as fuller lips, thin brows and so forth.

Of course, in any type of relationship, physical attraction always comes first but you have to take into consideration that platonic attraction is also important. Does he send you a reply when you message him? Does he compliment you? Or does he ask how your day was? You have to mull over that common interests are one of the main building blocks for a deeper emotional attachment with your partner.

Last case point, you have to admit that you want things in life that you know you cannot have. In a dating pool, you always dream of having someone “out-of-your-league.” Why? Because it corresponds to an “ideal;” plain and simple.

Always remember this, “physical attraction is what catches your eye (most often than not) but “personality” is what makes you stay.” Speaking of, I remember a story my cousin Mike told me. He was physically attracted to this girl he met at a local bar in our town; but the minute she opened her mouth, at the back of his mind, he was like, “Damn, she’s a bitch and stupid at that.” Made me lol’d for the next 15 minutes.

Okay, Lovelies… I don’t want to defeat the purpose of this post, “short blog,” so thanks again for sharing a Pinay Time with me! 🙂 ❤


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