Unusual Makeup Products and Its Benefits


For years a lot of invention and breakthroughs have been made and done in the beauty industry. You will be surprised by some of the measures and ways people will do in the name of beauty. Weird, bizarre, unusual even all out gross that you can’t even imagine putting them on your face or your skin. Here are some of the lists of those new, “weird” products:

  • Wrinkle cream made with placenta

According to the makers of this product, the wrinkle cream was made of bovine placentas that apparently slows down aging and helps in giving skin a moisturized look. There were some companies who made use of plant placentas and to some extent – human placentas. The idea behind the product is that the placentas give off nutrients that stimulate hormones and cell growth. However, the FDA or Food and Drug Administration immediately disapproved of the claims and banned the product in the US.

  • Collagen Injections

This procedure has been popularly used by many rich and famous people including celebrities. They are used to smooth out wrinkles, smile lines, frown lines and give a full lip appearance. Like Botox, which is also another procedure to look young, the ingredients present in this product are simply unique and bizarre. The two main sources of collagen may either be from bovine or yes, you guessed it, human. Manufacturers get their ingredients from aborted fetus, donated cadavers or placentas that’s why according to these manufacturers, the possibility of having an allergic reaction is minimal or non-existent at all.

  • Snake Venom Facial Creams

In search of other ingredients that would help people in looking beautiful, manufacturers came up with an innovation using the snake venom that is synthetically produced and, instead of being injected, can be applied on the face in a form of facial creams. They were meant to be less invasive and safer.

  • Vegan, Gluten free make up

One of the most sought-about and popular type of make up in the market nowadays. Manufacturers took it to the next level and took advantage of the wellness era. If you have the vegan diet, then there’s this vegan make up. Claimed to be 100% gluten-free, they are said to be best for people with sensitive, acne prone, allergic prone skin types. Manufacturer’s claimed that making the vegan makeup does not harm any animals and the only animal by-product that is used is beeswax. In some studies made, many users claimed that using this kind of makeup have series of great advantages and benefits. Many claimed that their skin can breathe, lightweight, easy to put on and reduces the appearance of blemishes or skin imperfections.

  • Facial treatment derived from Bird Poop

Derived from an old beauty secret that comes from the Japanese, guanine which is found on bird’s dripping specifically the nightingale is steadily breaking through the beauty industry. This is said to have a great bleaching effect and exfoliates the skin. In the early 18th century, Japanese geishas and kabuki dancers uses bird poop to remove their makeup and maintain a soft skin. However, you’ll be surprised that this is not cheap. According to some sources, this costs about $20 per ounce and a facial treatment costs almost $200. Not bad for a pooping bird.

  • Flavored Lip Balm

This is nothing new to anyone who has ever heard of having a flavored lip balm. The basic strawberry, cherry, grapes – you name the fruit and definitely there has already been a lip balm made out of it. However, you’ll find it really weird that most manufacturers will test the limits of their imagination. Nowadays, fruit flavored lip balms are not the only ones in the market. In the spirit of innovation they’ve come up with these most talked about lip balm flavors: French fries, Cheetos, pizza, kid’s cereals, bacon, Sriracha and even wasabi. How weird is that! And because of this, you’ll never look nor taste food like this again!

  • Hair Treatment made from Bull Semen

Well, what’s weirder than using semen as part of a beauty regimen? The Bull Semen treatment is becoming the most popular and talked about treatment in the UK that brings health and glow back to your hair. The treatment includes massaging the solution into the scalp. This solution is made of up of a plant root “katera” and the Angus bull’s semen. The ingredients as was claimed have high protein content that penetrates deeply into the hair roots and conditions the shaft of the hair. Because of its so-called “nourishment and hair revitalization”, bull semen treatment earned the title “Viagra for the Hair”. Very fitting right?

  • Snail Secretions

According to dermatologists, the snail slime has mucin extract, a complex ingredient that is filled with proteins, elastin and glycolic acid. It has a regenerative property that aids in making your skin moisturized. In some occasion, they are included in facials because they were believed to minimize skin pigmentation and scars. Many believed that since snails can regenerate and heal themselves because of their slime, why not use and take advantage of that secretion because it might create a very a positive outcome on our skin.

  • Carmine from crushed beetles

The Cochineal beetles are wingless species of insects that are found mostly in Central and South America particularly Peru, Mexico and Chile. These bugs are being crushed because they produce carminic acid, when mixed with certain calcium salts produces a bright red substance called carmine. Carmine is a common ingredient being used in lipsticks, eye shadows and rouges. These dyes are becoming popular because of its organic feature and additive-free foods. Now, who would have thought that ingredients from the lipstick we use everyday contains crushed beetles?

  • The infant foreskin

Shockingly, this is the most bizarre and scary ingredient that you will ever find in a beauty product. Just imagine using a product on your skin with ingredients coming from a human infant? How weird can that be? However, this has been called the “fountain of youth” as claimed by some famous and influential persons who have been using products derived from infant foreskin. The infant foreskin as studies showed, can be used in making fibroblasts for many years. Fibroblasts on the other hand, are types of cells that play an important part in healing of wounds and are basic ingredients on other products of anti-aging.

So come to think of it, these products may be gross or weird but since most of the people nowadays are using and buying them, they may not be such a bad idea after all. Do you dare to try some of these products? Or have you heard of other weird products made? Mind to share it with me? Drop a comment. Thanks a lot for joining another Pinay Time with me. Happy weekend, Lovelies! 🙂 ❤


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