Relationship Status: Tensed and Twisted

One sign of having an unhealthy work and life balance is your strained relationship with your boss, your colleagues and your company as a whole. When you have a not-so-good relationship with your peers, you’ll experience difficulty in working together; as emotions, thoughts and feelings are also included in a relationship even if it’s career-related.

You’ll have a deeper understanding of the effects of having a tensed and twisted relationship in your profession.

Unclear lines of communication

For a team to be able to finish a certain task with substance and zero-error, open lines of communication is a MUST. However, if your relationship with some of your teammates is complicated, successfully finishing your task is far within your reach. With unclear and not-so-open communication, you tend to build walls towards your colleagues. You limit yourself in expressing your thoughts, opinions, suggestions and recommendations to improve your team performance. Thus, you also close yourself in receiving the same.

Trust Issues

Trust is a simple word but difficult to give and receive back. Once your relationship with others is tainted with unfavorable factors, trust will become an issue. For example, your boss gave you a negative feedback about your last task and you got upset. After which, you saw your boss talking to one of your teammates during break time. Because of the recent event happened, you thought you are the topic of their discussion. Since then, you always doubt your boss and your teammates if they are talking about you behind your back. Your job performance will suffer because of this.

You have to remember that everything is not about you and everyone can commit mistakes. You should not dwell on the problem but move forward.

Emotional Outburst

It was stated above that thoughts, emotions and feelings are also considered in a professional relationship with your peers. But it is not the only significant factor. If you are still suffering from an imbalanced work or life style, you have fluctuating emotions or we can call them your “mood swings.” With your unpredictable mood swings, your peers will have difficulty in reaching out to you. They do not have any idea on when to approach you without having an emotional outburst.

When you experience an emotional outburst, you cannot control your emotions and it will lead you to say things that you shouldn’t have, causing to hurt others’ feelings.

No Mutual Respect

If trust is important, so thus respect. Respect is not being imposed to anyone, rather it is being earned. If you want others’ respect, you should know how to respect them and yourself as well. Respect the voice and the opinion, not only of your boss’s but your teammates’ too. When there’s no means of communication, no trust and you only have emotional outburst, respect is also not visible. With these enough reasons, it all boils down to being an unproductive team.

Twisted relationship is just one sign of having an unhealthy work balance and it will have a great impact with you as a whole person. You have to make it right before it’s too late.

Pinay Time done! Thanks, Lovelies. 🙂 ❤



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