Bizarre Beauty Tips: Holy S***!

I do believe everyone are already enlightened about the definition of beauty, the different takes about it and physical attractiveness in general. In addition to this, we are provided with basic and general knowledge about the innovations of cosmetic products over the years and some of the unusual, strange (maybe odd?) beauty products existed to mankind. So today, I’m going to list down some bizarre beauty tips that will aid you guys in enhancing and improving your natural awesomeness.

Honey Facial Wash

Honey has a natural soothing and anti-inflammatory components; and it is proven as one of THE bestest organic or natural products anyone could use to wash one’s face. Not only as a facial wash, you could use it as an alternative alcoholic-free make-up remover. To make it more beneficial, you could use this without any stripping! A spoonful is enough to wash your face, massage it in a circular motion then rinse it with water, just remember to use a warm towel afterwards.

Chapstick as cuticle conditioner

You think chapstick can only be used for your lips? Well, it was proven by many licensed esthetician that chapstick can also hydrate your cuticles just like what it does to your cracked or peeled lips. Just apply it to your cuticles, same thing you do with your normal or regular cuticle conditioner.

Grounded coffee can be used as body scrub

There are two ways which you can use grounded coffee as your personal body scrub. But before providing you with those options, let me give you a quick round up about coffee. Components of coffee, including caffeine, also has anti-inflammation properties and some of these components act as protection from direct sunlight, in other term, coffee serves as a good sunscreen agent.

Your first option is mix a spoonful of grounded coffee with your regular body and use as usual. The other option is prepare ¼ to ½ cup of grounded coffee, after rinsing your whole body use the prepared grounded coffee and scrub it against your skin, let it set in your body for 2 minutes then do your normal washing.

Jell-o as lip color

Another great alternative for your regular lip stain is by using Jell-o. Who said that Jell-o is just for kids? Some famous and well-known celebrity make-up artists actually use Jell-o as lip color. All you have to do is prepare your Jell-o powder (color of your choice) and dampen a cotton swab with water. Apply it into your lips and make sure not to use your hands because Jell-o might stay for awhile even after washing. A benefit of using Jell-o as your lip stain is that it does not dry out those lips of yours unlike ordinary long-lasting lipsticks you see in stores.

Apple Cider can prevent bloated mess

Have you ever experienced waking up one morning with a bloated face? This usually happens when you eat late at night (especially if the food you eat is noodles!). Now, to get away from that bloated mess, before sleeping combine one spoonful of apple cider with water (must be 5 ounces). The apple cider vinegar’s different enzymes can keep the production of gastric juices in a slow pace and it also maintain right digestion; all that in just 30 minutes.

Beer as hair “volumizer”

There are days that you want to add volume to your flat hair and you don’t have to resort in using chemical-based products as it may just damage your hair in the long run. Just save a stout and pour half of it into a bottle spray. Spray it to your hair; start at the roots down to the ends. You may be wondering why you have to use beer as an alternative product; well, beer contains yeast which is a best agent to make your hair thick and puffy.

The never-ending benefits of Chamomile Tea

There are actually several benefits of Chamomile Tea and for women; this is actually the most beneficial of all. We say that a woman’s crowning glory is the hair and this is a fact. With so many man-made hair products being advertised today, a regular person is believed to use 5-8 of these in a month. So imagine those chemicals into your hair, it only gives you band-aid solutions to your hair problems. Instead of using these products, why not try what is already available in your kitchen? You see, chamomile tea is made from a certain flower which contains soft bleaching effect.

To bleach your hair with chamomile tea, all you got to do is make yourself a cup of chamomile tea (the normal procedure you do when you want some tea time). Rinse your hair with the chamomile tea slowly and let it sit for 15-20 minutes; and then rinse it with water. You have to repeat the steps for up to seven times to augment the effects you want.

The secret of diaper rash lotion or cream

Of course, most mommies use anti-rash cream to their babies before of too much diaper use; however, this cream or lotion can actually help you repair those cracked feet and elbows. It hydrates the skin because of its moisturizing effect and anti-inflammatory agents.

Clean Wrap or Dryer Sheet

Do you have problems with hair static? Then you do not have to worry about it any longer as you can use clean wrap or an unused dryer sheet. This wrap can smooth out or tame those flyaways. It may be a temporary solution but you can bring some sheets on the go.

Black Tea: A solution to sunburn

During summer, there are days that you tend to forget to apply sun block or sunscreen lotion and this will cause you to have sunburn which is very irritating and painful at times. Some medications for sunburn are expensive especially if you have sensitive skin. Might as well use a black tea during your shower time; make sure to get a warm bath with black tea. Black teas have tannins (tannic acid) which remove the stinging effect and swelling caused by sunburn.

Lemon juice as a natural hair color

It was stated above that Chamomile tea can lighten your hair; same goes with lemon juice. Just apply lemon juice from roots to the ends of your hair before going out. The acid from the lemon juice reacts with the sun’s ultraviolet rays which then catalyzes the lightening process.

Olive Oil to your hair

If you want to grow your hair faster, you can use Olive oil to it. Not only it can help your hair grow faster but it can also help condition your hair. Put an enough amount of Olive oil into your hair (from roots to the ends of your hair) and leave it for 10 to 15 minutes.

Olive oil adds up nutrients and good fats to your hair roots, making your hair silkier than ever.

Another hair growing product – Tabasco Sauce

Your Tabasco sauce or red hot pepper sauce in your kitchen will also help your hair grow. The main ingredient of this sauce is Cayenne Peppers; which has been utilized as part of home remedies for ages. Cayenne Peppers enhance the blood circulation or flow to your scalp by ingesting orally or simply applying it to your hair root.

Toothpaste is not only for your teeth but also for your pimple problems

If you have pimples, you may apply your regular toothpaste overnight. Pimple removal will be easier by applying toothpaste as it has drying effects but you have to bear in mind that you can just use regular white toothpaste as a remedy. Do not plan in using those colorful gels or what not. Note that this is also a temporary treatment for your pimples.

Hemorrhoid creams for eyes?

Yes you read it right. Some doctors or even mothers use hemorrhoid balm under those eyes to reduce the puffiness. Since most hemorrhoid balms have anti-inflammatory properties, it reduces them in size.

Loose powder to your hair roots

There are days when you have so many errands and due to hot weather your hair becomes greasy and oily. A quick fix for this problem is just simple; get your kabuki brush and some loose powder (I assume these things are always in your bag everyday); and then start dusting it over the roots of your hair. Always remove the excess powder in your brush before doing it as you do not want some white particles visible in your hair.

Avocado: Your natural skin moisturizer

Because of the soothing and natural moisturizing effects of this fruit, just peel a ripe avocado and remove the seed at the center and mash it into a bowl. During your shower, put the mashed avocado into your skin and leave it for 30 minutes; and then you have to rinse it off with water. You will feel the effect as your skin will be softer.

Super Glue: A quick fix in times of nail troubles

In any situation where you are polishing your nails hours before attending a party and suddenly your nail cracks, you don’t have to break it off and re-do your nails. All you have to do is get super glue and glue your cracked nail and cover it with a nice nail color; and then make use of a matte or colorless polish to finish the effect.

Chill your eyeliner pencils

There are instances where some of your favorite eyeliner pencils deteriorate and smudge on the eyelids. Do not throw them away, instead put them inside your chiller or freezer for 10 to 15 minutes before using them. This helps solidify the tip of your eyeliners.

Hairspray to your eyebrows

Nowadays, there are cosmetic products that are use only for your eyebrows and if you are just an amateur make-up enthusiast and do not have one, make use of your hair spray. Just put some hair spray to a toothbrush or your regular eyebrow brush and tame those unruly eyebrows.

Conditioner as your temporary shaving cream

If you are already taking a bath and run out of your shaving cream, use your personal hair conditioner and shave those unwanted hair from legs or underarms. Hair conditioner is better use than soap as it has more conditioning or moisturizing effect which will lead to softer skin as well.

Facial Scrub to your armpits

It is believed that your facial skin is one of the most sensitive parts of your body. Any products use it your face can be use in the other human parts (but not the area down there, if you know what I mean). To exfoliate your underarms and prevent it from having chicken skin due to shaving, make use of your own facial scrub.

Spoon: Another way to get rid of those puffy eyes

You know very well that cucumber and potato can be used in removing puffiness from your eyes but if you are in a very tight-budget or if cucumber or potato is not readily available; then use your own spoon. Just put the spoon inside the fridge for 3 to 7 minutes and if you feel it is cold enough, cover your eyes with it. It will definitely help minimize the swelling of your eyes.

Beach Sand is an environmental-friendly body scrub

If you are in a vacation to a nice beach resort, make us of the environment to beautify your skin. Dip into the beach and get some sand; and start rubbing it against your skin to scrub off those dead skin cells. You are not just getting a nice tan but you are actually exfoliating your skin and that’s a healthy and environmental-friendly course to do it.

Strawberries: An alternative teeth whitener

Strawberries are not only for eating as it can also be a natural substitute to whiten those teeth of yours. All you got to do is get a strawberry; you could mash it up or just bite the tip of it and rub it to your teeth. Do this simple routine for a couple of times and you will without doubt spot the difference.


There are few of these tips that I have tried and I must say it worked and they were far more affordable than the usual stuff I’ve used. Go and give it a try, lovelies! If you have any odd or the not-so-ordinary- beauty tips you would like to share, please leave a comment below. Thanks for another Pinay Time with moi. ❤


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