Interior Designing: Easy as 1-2-3

Contemporary? Embroidery Mosaic? Zen-styled? Fusion of Modern and Contemporary? These are some of popular styles when it comes to Interior Design. Making your home sophisticated by a professional designer will compel 60-70 percent of your earnings. Well, that is A LOT. With the never-ending economic problems we are facing, here are some tips to turn your plain simple home into a rocking crib (sans spending your Benjamins)


Go the Right Spot. Good furniture doesn’t have to be branded or pricey. All you need is a pair of keen eyes. Look around you! Your center table might be sitting on your neighbor’s trash or your java lamp is waiting at the nearest flea market. If you’re too lazy to go outside, then do it online. There are websites where you can shop for cheap but good stuff. Even if we are in a modern, techy world, a little of a barter trade is not bad. Ask friends, relatives or anyone who wants to swap tables or whatever with yours.

Make it Big. Don’t be a HOARDER. Too many things will make a room small and suffocating. With the above mentioned, gather things that are NECESSARY. Avoid bigger fixtures that will eat a lot of space. For instance, to obtain a larger floor area or working space, use shelves that suspend on the wall instead of a cabinet. Or you may want to recycle hangers or unused bags. Designed it and hang them on the wall.

Then God created the Light. In cases, where your room has no trace of daylight, work on your walls. Use wallpapers with reflective property which amplifies the light. If you prefer paint, then go ahead. As long as the reflective property is there, the effect is still the same. For people who like gloomy rooms, warm tones are more appealing than bright ones. Last advice, white is preferable as you can change your theme occasionally. If white won’t work, paint one side with yellow, orange or green to make it spacious.

interior5.pngGreen Scenery inside the house. Good ventilation is a must. Why? Scientifically, it brings more oxygen inside the house. Hygienically, it keeps bad odors out. There are a lot of plants that can be stored without sunlight like Persian violet, Azure bluebirds or Alata. Plant them on a small pot and put them as center pieces of your tables or on top of your cabinets.

Once all wanted pieces are gathered, creativity comes next. A dab of sugar, spice and everything nice results to inexpensive chic home.


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